TMGMT: Translation Management Tools

Drupal can be translated by 100% today. That's faboulous!

Managing the process and state of translation becomes tedious when working with a large number of nodes and severalt languages are concerned.

This is why the TMGMT Project ( was created.

Let's make it the standard for translation management.

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tmgmt_google + TMX files?

I'm using the tmgmt_google translator on D7.

Our previous translation vendor went out of business. We have copies of our TMX (translation memory) files.

Is there a way to use these TMX files with the Google Translate API and tmgmt?

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Wordpress - drupal web developer | CgColors

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Developer | MarketVision Research

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MarketVision Research is a full-service marketing research firm based in Cincinnati. The firm conducts proprietary research for clients focusing on strategic marketing issues. Clients are generally Fortune 500 companies with specific industry expertise in the food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical and retail sectors. MarketVision was founded in 1983, is one of the 50 largest marketing research firms in the United States. Offices are in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia.

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Multilingual username. Profile fields translation.

I create and support a bilingual (English-Russian) site on Drupal 7.

At registration the part of users specifies username in Russian, for example - "Михаил Серегин".
Forums are switch on, i18n is installed.
Part of forums on English language only, other part forums - on Russian only.
How to make so that at English forums of the message of this user have been signed by the English version his username: "Mikhail Seregin".
Well and not only at forums, and for example under any his content in English.
Actually it is a question of translation of one of profile fields.

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Comment Translation

Do you know about this unsolved problem

Will this problem solved in Drupal 8?

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TMGMT in Vienna

There will be a presentation on TMGMT at the Drupal Camp in Vienna (22./23. November 2013):

Check it out here:

If you are interested in the subject, please come by and talk to us. We can use all the help available and are open to new ideas and collaborators.

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