Distribution profiles

A group for talking about Drupal distribution profile development groups.

Created as an informal response to Dries' blog entry about potential pitfalls in creating Drupal distribution installation profiles, the intent of this group is to provide a forum for discussing the topic on a very broad scope in the interest of promoting collaboration, cooperation and communication among developers.

This group is a good place to: announce new projects and the goals behind them, identify common goals and best practices for distribution profiles as a whole, explore options for collaboration and consolidation where possible, and collaborate with developers working on unrelated installation profiles in order to present their sum as a consistent experience to the end user.

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Automatically Download modules during profile installation

Hey all,

I don't know if anything like this already exists, but I've written a script to add to install profiles that will go out and fetch via FTP the latest version of any missing modules from the Drupal projects repository.

I'd consider this a development version of the script, but it seems to be working fairly well, with some cool features, like preferring files that are NOT marked 'alpha', 'beta', or 'dev', but it will use these if it can't find something better.

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DEADLINE FRIDAY: Include Drupal 6.x in Open Solaris

If you are interested in seeing Drupal, and in particular a specific profile be included in OpenSolaris, Friday is the deadline for the next meeting.

Submit your comments here:


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Installation Profiles and Drupal's CVS Packaging System

The giants of the project module and Drupal.org's CVS/packaging system (dww, hunmonk, aclight) plan to add the ability of installation profiles to have their modules packaged with them, I understand. This will be a huge step forward for their value to end users.

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How to disable "Configure site" in an installation profile for D6?

How to disable "Configure site" in an installation profile for D6?

The installation should run without stops.

Thanks in advance.

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Site architecture patterns, Install Profiles, & automated site configuration

EDIT: There will be a BOF discussion tomorrow, Wed morning at 9:00am here at Drupalcon. Please join the discussion and share your thoughts.

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Can an install profile be upgraded?

Do install profiles have an upgrade mechanism similar that used by modules? I'm wondering if I can use install profiles to help manage multiple sites, but I need to be able to push out changes over time. But there doesn't seem to be a way to push changes -- new modules or settings -- to already created sites. Am I missing something? How do others handle it? Thanks!

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Programatically execute Drupal 6 install profile on fresh database without install.php

I'm trying to update Druplet.module for Drupal 6. It's a simple module that creates new Drupal sites based on install profiles using multisite. It creates a new site directory, settings.php file, and database, and then executes the chosen install profile on the site, saving the user from having to step through the installer process.

In Drupal 5 it was fairly simple to do this:

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crud.inc 1.1 released

Adrian has been doing a bunch of work with install profiles, and so rolled a 1.1 release.

CCK types can now get created. A recent feature request is to include this in the Profile Wizard -- there have been several other modules that are also trying to build automatic install profile creators: ideally we can spend some time consolidating forces rather than everyone re-inventing the wheel here.

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DrupalEd 5.6-0 release

Earlier today, Drupal core was upgraded to version 5.6. This is a security release, and all users should upgrade.

For users with existing DrupalEd installs, you only need to upgrade core Drupal -- you do not need to use this specific package.

For new users to DrupalEd, this is the package for you.

Download it here to get started!

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EU Objective ICT-2007.4.2 (ICT-2007.4.4): Intelligent Content and Semantics

The ICT - INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES workprogramme from the European commission has calls for applications that could fit a Drupal project. Especially Objective ICT-2007.4.2 (ICT-2007.4.4): Intelligent Content and Semantics is very interesting, anybody interested in collaborating on a grant proposal for this?

Target outcome
Medium term:
a) Advanced authoring environments for the creation of novel forms of interactive and
expressive content enabling multimodal experimentation and non-linear story-telling.

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DrupalEd 5.4-0

DrupalEd 5.4 is now out.

This new release incorporates a security upgrade. Although DrupalEd was not affected by the specific conditions that triggered this upgrade, upgrading core is strongly recommended.

This release also incorporates some recent module upgrades. For the full details, read the upgrade_notes.txt file available in the download.

Download DrupalEd here.

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What's the best practice for where modules should be located inside an installation profile?

35% (24 votes)
62% (43 votes)
Other (please comment with your proposal)
3% (2 votes)
Total votes: 69
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Should maintainers be able to place files in arbitrary locations in the installation profile's directory tree?

Yes: maintainers can specify exactly where certain files are placed
11% (4 votes)
No: everything from the profile itself is included in profiles/[name]
89% (33 votes)
Total votes: 37
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Should install profile maintainers have control over where contributed projects are included in the packaged tarball?

Yes: the maintainers should define where things go
0% (0 votes)
No: the locations should be consistent and hard-coded
78% (29 votes)
Compromise: allow both
22% (8 votes)
Total votes: 37
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What should the suffix be for the files that installation profile maintainers use to define the packaging?

78% (29 votes)
19% (7 votes)
other (please comment with your idea)
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 37
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Should the version strings for installation profiles include the exact version of core they contain?

Yes: include the exact version of core in the version string (5.3-1.0)
44% (18 votes)
No: maintain the status quo (5.x-1.0)
56% (23 votes)
Total votes: 41
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Arts community profile builder | Arts organization in LA

Employment type: 

Hello, there is a funded contract available to build an Drupal profile for an Arts community in Los Angeles.

· Raise awareness by informing the general public about the importance of art and arts education in society
· Network communities (regional as well as by discipline or particular issue, i.e. public funding, municipal support etc)
· Provide an advocacy tool kit and best practices for arts and arts ed advocacy in the region
· Activate/mobilize individuals and communities to participate in this regional advocacy movement.

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Effectiveness of install profiles?

Having worked recently on install profiles with the Filmforge project and the install_profile_wizard module, I am becoming less and less confident in their effectiveness. There are three key issues that need to be adressed IMO.

First, install profiles are currently prone to failure when you have different versions of modules. Install profiles should be able to list the version (update) number of each module currently installed, in order to be able to make the necessary updates during the install.

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Distribution Profiles Manager

While the length of time I have procrastinated in posting this is shameful, although I lurk regularly still, I have not so much as created a sandbox install in the last couple of months as a result of personal obligations.

I can't say how gratifying it's been that this group didn't die immediately from lack of interest but has actually flourished and achieved it's goals.

But I don't actually post here, let alone do anything management like, so I really need to ask if anyone wants to assume management, just so that one of you has access to the added functionality?

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DrupalEd 5.3-0

This release features both security and maintenance upgrades.

For new users, this is the best version to download and install. The download tarball contains a directory named "Instructions" that contains some instructions on getting started. For additional help, and/or to get involved with the DrupalEd community, submit issues to the issue queue or join the DrupalEd group.

Download DrupalEd here

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