Drupal Art

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Hello Artists and Designers! Welcome to the Drupal Art Group.

Drop your creativity by sharing audio, visual images, concepts... anything in your mind that makes Drupal rock!

Here's the initial mission:

  • To provide a Drupal User Group for art designers and creatives alike.
  • Feel free to discuss:
    • outstanding Drupal wallpapers
    • cool Drupal icons and avatars
    • artsy themes
    • design tutorials and conventions (how-to's)
    • and many more

Licensing Tips for Drupal Artwork

piyush_sharma's picture

Contract | Personal

Employment type: 


I'm looking for module development course for drupal 6 and 7. Is there anyone who can teach via skype or team viewer step by step custom module development.

Please email me your rates and availability on this.


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donutdan4114's picture

Brushed Metal Background

I made this background for my new laptop, which has a brushed metal finish on the outside.


With the .psd you can resize the image and logo to fit your needs.

Just thought I'd share this :)

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alltooeasy's picture

Now witness the power of this fully operational Drupal Installation

I made this to celebrate the launch of our latest site http:/www.bedfordtw.co.uk

Happy to send the PSD to anyone who would like it. Planning on making a full poster version of one of the orgional Star Wars posters with a Drupal related twist. Any help from an illustrator or character artist would be welcome.

As well as suggestions for characters, etc. Any related photos of people in a similar poses would be welcome too.

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Ivo.Radulovski's picture

Logo Redesign until Drupalcon - urgent

Hello Folks,

we are going to the DrupalCon Copenhagen and we will present together with Ben Finklea the "Seo for Drupal 6 & 7" Session ( http://cph2010.drupal.org/sessions/drupal-7-search-engine-optimization ).

This is an award. We want you to redesign our Logo until the 21.18.2010 and will post the credits for the winner on our website during the DrupalCon.

The actual website logo is at www.segments.at, but it does not fit to the overall Design of our website.

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johnvsc's picture

Visual Substance

I have created a new online art gallery in Drupal at http://www.visualsubstance.com

VSC provides a free online space for visual artists to express the meaning behind their work & art aficionados to thoughtfully discuss it.
Become a member to:

  • bookmark favorite content
  • add to the commentary
  • show your artwork
  • list your art gallery

Even without a membership, the site is free to use & enjoy.

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marcrobinsone's picture

Un-named kitty-cat glad about webchick's come-back

Only local images are allowed.

Welcome back Angie! Hope you had a very enjoyable & well-deserved vacation ;)

Now, if only someone can think of a name for that cat...

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aaron's picture

Need "Spinner" and "Complete" icons

I have a request for a UI element if someone wants to make or find a GPL compliant icon set for the Media module. Here's the issue.

We need to have a spinner "progress" indicator (which should just be something that spins, as it's not true percentage complete, just a spinner telling us the upload is in progress). Then a checkbox or something to display when the upload is complete. Something similar to how YouTube does it. (I can attach screenshots of that if someone needs.)


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aaron's picture

Druplicon request for the Media Group!

Anyone interested in creating a logo for the new Media group? Maybe Druplicon with a painter's smock and brush? Or a multi-color pixellated Druplicon? Or a video/image/music note montage swirling around Druplicon? Or ... ?

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Monica Friedman's picture

Very Sr Drupal Developer | Kforce

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 

3+ months
MUST HAVE experience working on high-profile projects for big brands/clients

- A demonstrated ability to implement end-to-end custom Drupal sites
- Comfortable with custom module development
- Familiar with Drupal 6, particularly the updated views module
- Source control experience, particularly Subversion
- Facile with various methods of multi-site configuration
- Experience with the Services module as it pertains to Flash communication (AMFPHP)

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Bevan's picture

Druplikiwcon, a Kiwi-bird Druplicon mashup

Only local images are allowed. I created this logo for DrupalSouth, but it wasn't used. I'm making the files available for others to rehash, remix, reuse or whatever else they like.

We are also trying to get source files and permissions for the DrupalSouth logo we used.
Only local images are allowed.

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andyux's picture

contract drupal development - new site help on as needed basis | andresschulz.com

Employment type: 

I am quoting a client for a new website, which i think drupal is good for. What i am not too familiar with is mysql queries, and a lot of Drupal im sure. I usually figure things out on my own but i like to get this one done quickly, so not so much time to try and learn from mistakes... the client wants 2 sites. Will deal with only one at a time.
Apartment specials:

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marcrobinsone's picture

Back In Action: Creating Drupal art with Inkscape 0.46

Hi Guys,

Sorry for being gone for a long while. It's been pretty rough lately here in my country and I hope everything is still in good shape after all those natural calamities.

For almost a year that I've been designing art inspired by Drupal, one application is always there for me -- Inkscape.

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Amazon's picture

Drupal icon for Google Maps

This map has a Drupal icon for iceland: http://tinyurl.com/57r8tw

It works in FF3 but not in Safari. Does anyone have some time to try to suggest a new icon so we could make the map markers all Drupalicons.

This may be useful: http://gmaps-samples.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/articles-customicon/custom...

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marcrobinsone's picture

Drupal Droppie

Drupal droppie for the Drupal babies.

Level of cuteness can be improved for that long lasting awe factor.

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marcrobinsone's picture

Drupal Shirts

<-- Zarabadoo's idea.


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marcrobinsone's picture

Drupal (baby) generation

Yet another Drupal baby ...

Can you guess who the parent might be?

Clue: View it!

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The icon design starter kit is here.

Ok, icon drawing time! Here's my suggestions for some specs and guidelines to get started with. All feedback welcome.

In the attachment:

  • an icon template file for Inkscape
  • basic directory structure for organising and categorisation of the icon sources and png renders.

The directories are mostly empty, but have a look in the applications and the mimetypes folder, there are SVG files for:

  • forum icons
  • calendar icons
  • mimetype icons (with PSD sources for 16 and 32px versions which are actually further developed then the SVG!)
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marcrobinsone's picture

Dojo Guy Alpha 1

Drupal Dojo guy in action.

The next generation of Dojo masters are coming.

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cypress_interactive's picture

Web Developer | Cypress Interactive

Employment type: 
Full time

Cypress Interactive is looking for a hardworking utility player with hands-on scripting, HTML experience and a strong sense of clean design. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to create web content independently often from pre-developed designs produced by a graphic artist. This position requires strong web production and design skills, technical savvy and great attention to detail.

The successful applicant will also possess:

  • A BA/BS or equivalent experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • An ability to work collaboratively
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marcrobinsone's picture

more than just bent pipes

Community plumbing is still not over. Now we've got more power.

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