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FileMaker Pro continues to be a valuable tool for many organizations, providing a rapid development platform which allows people to easily manage their data. The same could be said of Drupal, and it's not surprising that a lot of people using FileMaker are turning to Drupal when thinking about getting data into or out of FileMaker on the web.

The purpose of this group is to discuss strategies and techniques for pulling Drupal data into FileMaker, and pushing FileMaker data into Drupal.

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Push Drupal Data to FileMaker

1) What solutions are out there for pushing content from Drupal to FileMaker?

The only one I've found so far can be seen in detail here:

It is a year old now, and perhaps other solutions have become available. I would like to get a list of them going here.

2) Could a solution be integrated with a commerce system like Ubercart or Drupal Commerce?

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New FileMaker module: browse, find, create, delete in FileMaker through Drupal


I wrote a FileMaker module (currently awaiting approval for CVS) that people might be interested in.

Please use my contact form to let me know if you are interested in testing.

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FMP-Drupal Coder | Non-profit

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Currently running FMP with 62K members in our non-profit db. It was decided to 'modernize' and migrate to a CMS with ecom. Drupal was elected as the platform ... but I just found this group and am wondering about hybrid scenarios or other alternatives.

I would like to hear from anyone in this group who wants to discuss the project. Telecommuting is ok but the ideal candidate is in the Massachussets area for occassional onsite meetings.

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Online Application - Appliculator Developer | The New England School of English

Employment type: 

The New England School of English is seeking a Drupal and Filemaker Pro developer to continue our existing Online Application Project.
Because this project requires heavy customization, the successful candidate must be extremely proficient in both Drupal and Filemaker Pro.

Please send your resume and portfolio to the e-mail above.

Below is the description of the project:

What Already Exists:

Online Application ("Appliculator") - of which there are 2 parts:
Part I: Web

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Import from FileMaker to Drupal

I am developing a Drupal website for an art school. I have set up a CCK based form for seminars with 22 fields. Name of seminar, number, description etc. The 22 fields are identical to 22 fields that the art school uses in FileMaker to manage their courses within the school. So my question is if anyone knows of a simple and easy way to import the information from the FileMaker database to Drupal?
Best regards

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Filemaker module in development

Hello everyone,
I thought you would all be interested to know that I am working with Tommy K (in this group) and a Drupal developer named Kris Shinn to build a Filemaker module for Drupal.

We have scoped out very modest goals for the initial release.
The module will:
- Take the XML returned by Filemaker Server via a URL query string, parse it and store it in a local MySQL table with a refresh/requery time assigned to each query.

  • The resulting table data will be available to Views for incorporating into an existing Drupal site
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Methods of displaying Drupal data in Filemaker

I would like to learn methods that you have used to display data from your Drupal site in Filemaker.

Have you used Filemaker's "external SQL data sources" to connect to Drupal? If so, how did that go?

I think the most interesting thing would be how to expose CCK fields as fields of a table in Filemaker. Also interesting would be presenting a view from Drupal as a table in Filemaker.

Thanks in advance for your insights!


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Drupal Project Manager | Kforce Technology Staffing

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Here is the description:

Designs, plans, and coordinates work teams. Follows standard project management industry practices such as the PMI's framework. Understands business and technical objectives of a project and works closely with project sponsor. Creates project charter and work plan and tracks budget and schedule progress via appropriate metrics. Establishes project organization and methodologies and defines roles and responsibilities. Documents risks and develops mitigation plans. Manages scope.

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Setting drupal_set_title() with FileMaker data?


Hopefully this audience is a good place for this question.

Does anyone know if it is possible to make a custom content type and/or custom page or node template to override the contents of the <title> and <h1> elements on a page with data out of FileMaker in drupal_set_title() based on a URL parameter?

Basically, I want to create only one page that gets its content, title, and headings from FileMaker, but all the information changes depending on the ID in the URL.

Any thoughts?

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Hi everyone,

I decided to start this group after some good discussions at DrupalCon DC last week. There are more people dealing with FileMaker/Drupal integration than you might think!

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