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Reporting Spam on

While g.d.o is headed towards a Drupal 7 launch on commons there is still some room for improvement of the Drupal 6 version of the site. As of November 7th, a new feature exists for fighting spam.

All "Editors" and "Spam fighters" on the site can now flag nodes and comments as spam. All Editors will see a block in the sidebar that shows any nodes or comments that has been flagged. They are encouraged to confirm the content is spam and then block the spammers.

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Moderation Guidelines for New Groups

To help consolidate Groups documentation on, the contents of this page have been moved

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How to block spammers on

This documentation has moved to the handbook on

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Abandoned Groups: Policy for Deleting a Group or Changing Its Manager

As part of an effort to consolidate documentation, this has moved to

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¿Cómo crear mensajes de bienvenida a un grupo?

Los grupos han de tener dos tipos de mensaje de bienvenida: uno para la página principal del grupo y otro para recibir a cada nuevo miembro con un mensaje amable y útil.

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Canned Responses to Group Proposals

Reasons for denying the applicant a new group on g.d.o:

Group is denied (duplicate group)

Your Group seems to overlaps an existing group, ______, and thus has not been approved. If you'd like to re-define your group or change it so that it does not seem to overlap...

Please improve the title and/or mission statement of your new group

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Template for job posting takedown notices

A member of the community recently posted a job posting that didn't follow the job posting guidelines (the job wasn't Drupal-specific) and it was quickly unpublished. I sent the member a message through his contact form and have copied it below. Please consider using this as a template when removing inappropriately-posted job listings.

I didn't make this wiki page Full HTML so that it can be improved by the larger community.

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more elements for group home page panes

Want more elements for the OG Panels Home Pages? Request them here:

  • A view of "previous events" filtered to the group and corresponding block with a "more" link
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Welcome, wiki pages

As an experiment, I have created a new content type called 'wiki page' and given everyone the permission to edit them. This post is an example of one. Feel free to edit it, within reason. Your edits don't generate email notifications but might generate items in rss feeds depending on reader preferences.

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