Memetracking and Content Recommendation

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This working group is for people working to build an open-source memetracker similar to Techmeme and Google News, and for other projects related to content recommendation.

The Memetracker project started as a Google Summer of Code project by Kyle Mathews. Please read his original proposal for background information on memetracking technology and potential usages.

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New web 3.0 app built on Drupal and FeedAPI needs your feedback!

Hello all, it's a great day for us today, as it's the first official day of existence of the projet outside of the private circle that has been building this site with me.

We just launched a grant proposal at the Knight Foundation News Challenge ( and we would really love to have feedback on our proposal from the Web community, and the Drupal community in particular!

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MemeTracker Module Developer Appeal

For those of you either interested in deploying memetracker or currently using it, original developer Kyle Mathews has ceased development of it while he pursues his new startup venture. Due to the wonderful nature of open source software and the Drupal platform, it is possible for developers to continue what Kyle has started.

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Status of this project?

Hi, I'm very interested in this project. Can you please take a moment to describe the pace of development and overall health of this project? Is there still a lot of mojo behind it?

I'm going to install this module and mess with it some. Thanks for your work on this.

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KDI proposal to work on Memetracker/CRE

I submitted just now a proposal to KDI for money to work on the Memetracker and CRE modules. Everyone who'd like to see this proposal be approved, please head over to the proposal page to rate and review.


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Interesting stuff from the Polymeme team

Installing memetracker

This was what I had to do on Ubuntu Hardy with memetracker alpha 6:

# Get python dependencies
apt-get install python-numeric  
apt-get install python-numpy

# Make sure we have gcc
apt-get install libtool

# Other python stuff with magic snake powers
apt-get install python2.5-dev
# Get the remaining library
cd ~
tar zxvf Pycluster-1.43.tar.gz
cd Pycluster-1.43

# Install it
python install
  • Install memetracker and machinelearningapi modules.
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New Memetracker document: How to install the Python prerequisites for Memetracker (on Ubuntu Linux)

Hi there folks,

I'm sure many of us are excited about the potential of the Memetracker module (I definitely am!).

Memetracker currently has some Python requirements, and many Drupal folks are not accustomed to installing Python/ Linux packages in general.
As a result, many of the issues in the Memetracker issue queue are about getting the Python packages installed correctly.
To help with this, I've written a document that's purely about installing the Python prerequisites:

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New Memetracker Release

Get it while it's hot! I released Alpha5 of Memetracker this afternoon before I leave tonight on the first leg of my long vacation leading up to Drupalcon.

Highlights of the release included a new compact UI for the memebrowsing page that hides/unhides related content in each meme. Also, I've reworked the meme detection process which should make it more accurate for sites with multiple memetrackers.

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Memetracker session at Szeged

I've proposed a session for Memetracker for the upcoming Drupalcon at Szeged.

Any votes for the session would be appreciated :)

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New memetracker built using Drupal / OpenCalais

I ran across a new memetracker built on Drupal/OpenCalais and custom code. It looks very cool. Check it out at

They're tracking some 25,000 blogs and apparently running them all through OpenCalias as part of the process for finding "memes" along with some human editorial touch.

The creator of polymeme writes more about the site on his blog:

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First dev release of Memetracker

I've pushed up an alpha release of memetracker to cvs and created a dev release. This is not production ready code. In fact the only thing impressive about the code is that it works at all and does something vaguely resembling what memetrackers are supposed to do.
Link to original proposal

How to install memetracker:

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Yippee, somethings working

Only local images are allowed.

I just took this screenshot. Most everything is still broken but I've arrived to the point where the memetracker will detect memes and spit them out to the screen. Probably tomorrow morning I'll be pushing my first release up to CVS.

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Content recommendation modules

I think it'd be useful to have an overview of the various content recommendation modules in this group, and eventually a comparison review in the Handbook.

Warning: several of the modules listed below are under-maintained or abandoned. I've marked the more actively maintained ones (as of 01/2013). If it's not marked maintained, it's probably not.

Featured Content (Maintained)

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Report on skype conversation

Scott Hatfield (mentor), Fabiano Sant'Ana (mentor), and Kyle Mathews (GSoC student) chatted on skype today discussing the memetracker module.

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Skype Conference Call

2008-06-02 11:00 - 12:00 America/Denver
Event type: 
User group meeting

We'll be starting the conference call later today. Here's the agenda I'd like to cover.


  • Name
  • Location
  • Job
  • Your background With Drupal
  • Why interested in Memetracker Module?
  • Most interesting use case to you for Memetracker module
  • Where in the development of the Memetracker module will you be most helpful?
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Memetracker architecture

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V1 of UML Drawing
V2 of UML Drawing - added color to Drupal specific code, added database access layer, added content_array parameter to memetracker->get_memes()

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Memetracker Wiki Page

Project information

Project pages on Memetracker and MachineLearningAPI

Current status: Writing tests, adding CRUD functionality, writing code to detect interlinking


I am writing two modules for Drupal as part of Google Summer of Code. One called Memetracker and the other called MachineLearningAPI. The Memetracker module will use algorithms in the MachineLearningAPI to intelligently filter and group content from designated content sources both internal and external. The module's purpose is to find and display to a community in real time the most interesting conversations and memes within the community as they emerge.

My project will emulate functionality of successful commercial memetrackers such as Techmeme, Google News, Tailrank, and Megite. It will be an open-source implementation of memetracking technology that can be easily plugged into Drupal-based community sites.

Read my full proposal

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Memetracker module proposal round 2

Round 1 of this proposal can be found here.

I'm putting up a rough draft of my proposal for review. This, I repeat is a rough draft, so there are some obvious flaws and missing pieces.

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Memetracker module proposal

I want to write two modules for Drupal as part of Google Summer of Code. One called meme_tracker and the other called machine_learning_api. The meme_tracker module will use the machine_learning_api to intelligently filter and group content from both internal and external content sources. The module's purpose is to find and display to a community in real time the most interesting conversations and memes within the community as they emerge.

Hello Drupliers. My name is Kyle Mathews. I'm a grad student in Information Systems at Brigham Young University working as a research assistant to several faculty members here. We are studying how and where social software can be used in education.

In the past eight months, I've built a number of classroom websites using Drupal. I've learned a considerable bit about Drupal in the process, became very involved in the community, and am writing a module (writing_assignment -- still a work in progress btw). I've loved most everything about Drupal but have found Drupal is missing an important component for building the perfect social learning website. This itches. So, in the best open-source fashion, I'm applying to Google Summer of Code to scratch my itch.

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