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Open source has proven to produce high quality in various fields. Loyal to the principals of open source, I am sharing Linnovate's Drupal training curriculum, in order to share it with other Drupal shops who consider train people to Drupal, and of course - get some feedback, and improve the program.
The idea is not to create a unified training syllabus, but rather propose a structure of such a course. Drupal training centers may then modify the training program, to fit their needs.
We might want to publish the syllabus under GPL, and make it officially open source :-)

At Linnovate, we develop 3 training programs:
- Drupal administration - get to know all you need in order to install and administer a Drupal website, without writing code.
- Drupal Theming - From PSD to a Drupal Theme (draft)
- Drupal Development - Learn how to write modules and expand Drupal (Updated draft)

I will post the different syllabuses as wiki pages, so everyone can take part in the build.


Great start; thanks for sharing

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This is a great start. Thanks for sharing. I edited Drupal administration to add #10 - Helpful Drupal Resources. I also put a revision comment at the bottom to help track changes to the wiki page.

Erik Britt-Webb

Great idea, I'll need some

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Great idea, I'll need some time, but I'll extract and compact my powerpoints and post them here.


Check out more of my writing on our blog and my Twitter account.

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would love to see these, but get access denied :(

It's not a public post

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Please add http://groups.drupal.org/node/11747

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Please add http://groups.drupal.org/node/11747 as a link to the "Drupal Themeing"
Linnovate - Community Infrastructure Care
Drupal Services in Israel

Linnovate - Community Infrastructure Care
Drupal Services in Israel

This is great material

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I think that the authors themselves should add it. I didn't see any Creative-Commons or GPL licence on the doc.

I agree with z.stolar that

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I agree with z.stolar that we can't pull the documents into the wiki but as the wiki page is simply linking to their site and we don't have anything better at the moment editing the first post to use the like provided by Linnovate is a good start. Drupal Themeing needs a wikipage anyway. Having one that simply links to external sources is as good a start as any.

Making my contribution to the whole syllabus project. Using dot points as i tend to be too verbouse.

  1. Modular syllabus is perfect for drupal. Linnovates are role based excellent.
  2. I think a unified syllabus is what should be created. But a modular one with loose coupling so that you can break it apart easily to suit your needs while reducing repeated coursework.
  3. Recipes should be integrated into the syllabus from the start Community Site, News/media Site and E-commerce would be good choices. Again due to the modular nature if your not training for E-commerce then don't.
  4. I think one syllabus that we are missing is a simple Drupal 101.
  5. Versioning of the syllabus to core version is a must. I think the drupal handbook does this quite poorly at the moment as there is a lot of info that only appears under drupal 5 section even though it applies to drupal 6 as well.

When I say a unified syllabus I mean to create one that would result in a well rounded drupal expert. The length of the course depending on the level of detail used on each syllabus item. The modular nature of the unified syllabus should allow you to easily cater to what you want to teach. Hopefully we end up with a complete curriculum including examples slides handouts the works. People can either adapt the syllabus or the curriculum.

Do we have anyone who is teaching drupal at a University in this group?

Nec scire fas est omnia. (Horace 4.4.22)

Nec scire fas est omnia. (Horace 4.4.22)

quick question

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What happened to the Drupal Themeing syllabus?

--Kelly Bell
Gotham City Drupal
twitter: @kbell | @gothamdrupal

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