Drupal Dojo Session: Building with Drupal 7

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2011-01-13 13:30 - 14:30 America/New_York
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Training (free or commercial)

Introduction and Discussion re Building with Drupal 7

Drupal7 Site building - Is it all that different in Drupal7? Not really, but it's different enough that you might get lost along the way as you navigate the changes. Join us and take the short path to getting up to speed on the Drupal7 way of doing things!

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Modules used.

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Contributed Modules used to build the site on Drupal 7.

Everything else was included in Drupal 7!

Modules I wanted to show off

, and to look out for as they improve in D7:

  • Media. Instead of image field for pets. This would allow pet photos, pet videos from Youtube, and photos from flickr!
    • And modules that depend on it.
  • Voting API. Rate your pet ;-)

Functionality overview

  • Content Types
  • Content Field UI & Display
  • Comment Field UI & Display
  • Drupal 7 Overlay, module page, node add/edit page
  • Image Style Configuration
  • Profile Type Configuration
  • Text Format Configuration
  • Webform Configuration
  • Wysiwyg Configuration
  • Views 3 UI (very little)

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