What training material do you give end users?

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Hello to everyone in this group. I work at a web design firm that frequently used Drupal for the backbone of our sites. We always advertise to our clients that their sites are editable and give them an hour or two of training to show them the basics of content creation. However, its rare that a new user retains all of the information that they need to. What we need is a simple end users guide going over the basics of content editing, making pages, using the menu system etc... I have been given a full day next week to put together the best guide possible (given the time constraints).

So my question is What training material do you give end users?. My quest is to put together a list of all of the best training available to serve as the basis for my work's manual. I've gone through del.icio.us and bookmarked everything that I could find. Does anyone have anything that isn't included in these lists of bookmarks?:


You can view my links here: http://del.icio.us/rickvug/drupal+manual

Please feel free to post your thoughts and links here (and on de.licio.us).



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Hi, I'm new in the group thus the delay in this post - I think that screencasts may be the best way to go. I'm planning to develop a series of short screencasts for my users instead of written documents. I've started here with a brief overview and a proof of concept http://linux1.care.uea.ac.uk/eduwebdemo/siteguides. When the site is completed, I will do more shorter videos. I'm also planning an overview of the modules and configuration for anybody who would like to set up something similar with Drupal - that may not be available until Christmas, though.

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