welcome! who's who

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Hopefully this project will bring together a whole bunch of us who may not have worked together in the past. Let's do some intros so we can get to know each other a little. Also, who else needs to be in this discussion? Let's invite them.



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I wasn't around for the original conversation, and haven't been too involved in the contrib world (yet), but I'd like to be. I finally got around to sharing a couple modules and am going to start making more time to write and review patches for other modules, so I expect to be spending a lot more time in the issue queue.

Elijah from New Jersey

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I attended Lisa's workshop training on Monday at Drupalcon Chicago. I learned a ton and want to keep this in memory, it will be helpful to participate in this project so I can keep focused on what I learned.

I have been using Drupal for about 2 years give or take, before that I used Joomla for 1+ years and hit a wall with performance and didn't know how to fix it. I am a project manager/web developer/video editor & producer/meddler for Dr. Fuhrman in Flemington. We have an educational training site that we built in Drupal.

I think I can help give input on the issue queue because I am a user.

Derek the Project* maintainer

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Hi everyone!

I'm the one who maintains most of the tools on d.o (projects, issue queues, releases, lots of the Git stuff, etc). I'm on the Security team and Infrastructure team. I have the "keys to the castle" to actually make changes on d.o and push them live. I worked on implementing the d.o redesign, the Git migration, and tons of other d.o initiatives. I'm totally excited to see this initiative getting going, and I think it's long-overdue to step back and think big about how our tools (don't) work and address the problems systematically instead of as a series of 1-off fixes (some of which are 1 step forward, 2 steps back).

To be extremely clear, I have no personal stake in how the tools work right now, I'm totally happy to see improvements and re-workings, and take no offense at discussion of their current failings. :)

Now that the d.o experience for "outsiders" has gotten lots of real attention and improvements, I'm thrilled that we're turning our sights to the experience for "insiders" (and outsiders) and how we collaborate and work.

I'm a big fan of Edward Tufte, and while I have no formal training in usability or interface design, I've had a fair bit of experience in that space from working with the usability team for Drupal core (and drupal.org), the d.o redesign, and a number of other initiatives.

My contact tab (email in general) is usually the best way to reach me. I'm "dww" on IRC, and I'm around sporadically there (#drupal-contribute, #drupal-infrastructure, #drupal-project, #drupal-vcs, etc).

Let's do this thing! ;)


Hiya folks. I coordinated the

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Hiya folks. I coordinated the migration from CVS to Git, and am the ongoing overall coordinator & integrator of any Git-related changes & improvements we make on d.o. To that end, I am HUGELY interested in how this discussion evolves, as many of the Git-related changes we have planned will require serious reworking of our project & issue system.

Like Derek, I've got castle keys & no personal stake in any of the UIs on d.o.

I'm with stupid

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Hey, I'm Joel Farris, and I'll be more than thrilled to get involved with a redesign of the Issue Queue. Sam Boyer and I are living in the same place for the next few months, and we're bouncing ideas off of each other on a daily basis, so I'll probably be doing a fair bit of writing and diagramming to help us get started.

I'm a long-time Drupal contributor, community champion, and technical project manager who both loves Better Usability and can whip Omnigraffle's butt. :) Don't be afraid to lean on me if you have an idea or a solution that you'd like to bring into an actionable state with user stories, descriptions, wireframes, diagrams, etc.

Joel Farris | my 'certified to rock' score

Roy, Drupal UX maintainer

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Hellooo. I've been working on the Drupal core user interface, information architecture and interface texts for the last couple of years. You can also blame a large part of the Views2 UI on me.

Other people's perspective we likely need:

  • Maintainers of high-profile projects with high-volume issue queues to talk about their problems and workflows handling that.
  • People who are just starting out with posting issues. Harder to find probably, maybe the module (and docs) maintainers can help there as they seen it happen
  • D.o. forum shepards: what happens there and when/how do people make the switch to issue queues.

I think I might go under 2nd

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I think I might go under 2nd category :)
Posted like 4 issues altogether.

Generally my attempts to participate in the issue queue showed that we won't be friends with it unfortunately.

I guess I'm in the second

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I guess I'm in the second group too, more or less. I've spent a lot more time searching and reading other people's issues and have only posted and commented on a handful, so I may have fewer expectations for how things work.

Right, and we'd like to hear from you how that happened

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Could you write up your experiences in http://groups.drupal.org/node/133169 please? We really want to know! Thank you.

Hey there, I am a contrib

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Hey there, I am a contrib module maintainer and also contributed a few patches to core.

People have told me I do a good job of communicating stuff to novices, so I thought I could be of assistance if help text needs to be drafted or screencasts need to be recorded. For instance, I did a screencast on theming that people have found helpful. I was thinking of doing a brief screencast introduction to writing SimpleTests, I could see that kind of stuff possibly being a part of this discussion.

Still a Newbie at heart

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I was at Leisa's usability session where I heard about and the Core Conversation on how to improve the issue queue and made it a priority to attend. I have for a long time have been frustrated with the issue queue from a relative newbie's point of view. In fact last summer a wrote a internal note to myself (really almost a rant) call issues with issues. It is nice to know I am not alone. And I was surprised to learn that even rockstars have a problem with the issue queue as a tool.

From the Core Conversation I liked the idea of having second fiddles to help the code writers with documentation and tests.

I also try to help in the forums as much as I can, and can lend a prospective on how the forums UX works.

I'm Lisa (not Leisa) and was

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I'm Lisa (not Leisa) and was one of the volunteer project managers from the Drupal.org redesign. I'm also a drupal.org site maintainer.

I am primarily interested in pushing forward/implementing improvements to drupal.org, including improved content, IA/navigation, usability improvements, UI improvements and anything leftover from the redesign (we launched with the minimum viable product).



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I am Greg Dunlap, aka heyrocker. I'm one of those coder people, but I strongly believe that improving the user experience for users and contributors is vital. I was really sad to miss this Core Conversation in Chicago, however I am happy this initiative exists now, and I hope to see it flourish.

I am unsure what I will be able to offer in the coming months, I am likely to be very busy with other things. However I have for a long time wanted to learn what one needs to do to start coding up improvements to Project* and/or d.o. Is there a doc page for that? Shouldn't we have one? Should I start learning and make one?

I'm Ariane (arianek). In

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I'm Ariane (arianek). In Drupal-land I'm the docs co-lead who manages the online documentation/queue. I've also done some core patch reviews and a lot of UI/text patches (mainly for the Help system). In work-land, I'm a project manager and have managed a range of projects from simple brochure sites to large complicated apps with OG and mapping. I manage both in-house and remote devs, and frequently work remotely myself.

I guess my main interests are in streamlining the management of the queues (for maintainers), enabling more smooth and consistently paced work, and my personal bone to pick in the issue queue is the inability to do richer cross-referencing of issues (to denote parent/child issues and related issues).

group organizer - onlooker

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group organizer - onlooker for years (i said years), mostly due to exactly the reasons this group started. I have more time to help recently. I'd like to help community / Drupal. But pain has always been just a little too high to figure out how to help effectively. apparently I suck at this social online stuff but pretty good IRL

I'm interested in just being a resource and just helping make it easier to figure out how to get involved. Figure maybe I can be a bit of a guinea pig, cuz I still haven't figured it out.

edit: didn't make it to Drupalcon this year... (warmer less chance of stranded works for me)

mike stewart { twitter: @MediaDoneRight | IRC nick: mike stewart }

I'm Michael Prasuhn (aka

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I'm Michael Prasuhn (aka mikey_p). I'm pretty passionate about making good tools for folks to use to make other tools etc, which lead me to help out with Project module and the Git migration. I spend lots of time using other project management and issue tracking software to see what good ideas we can steal from them. That is what lead me to make the Related issues module http://drupal.org/project/pi_related about a year ago, and I'm not trying to wrap it up and get it into a state where it could be deployed on drupal.org.

In terms of my ideal role in a team that's working on an initiative, I really prefer to be an implementor of designs, and features, and I generally keep feedback at a minimum until code is being written, although I try to make sure that I'm following whatever relevant conversations are happening so that I can chime in if necessary. My ideal workflow would be getting handed a mockup, and being able to implement it and have someone/somewhere to ask any questions I have about the mockup/design.

I can usually be reached via IRC (I'm mikey_p) or via the issue queue, or on Skype (kc8jhs).

Designer, themer, project manager

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I'm a designer with a UX-bend, themer and frontend guy. I've been using Drupal since around the time 6.x came out and is actively involved in the community camps and meetups, but not (yet) in the work on d.o.

I've have designed and co-maintained a handful of contrib modules, but leave the backend code to real developers.

I have stumbled continually trying to get involved in contributing to drupal core or contrib - prob. as much due to my own shortcomings as any issues with the queues. I'm most certainly one of those people who gets turned away by the long issue queues with no obvious actions to take, that Webchick described in a previous thread.

I'm equally happy to lead design processes and implement other peoples decisions.

// Jesper Wøldiche

posted on 5050 issues

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Just checked http://drupal.org/project/issues/user and I've apparently posted on 5,050 issues on Drupal.org, which works out about 2.5/day.

A lot of those posts I'd rather not have done - repairing issue statuses, marking things as duplicate etc. either while trying to get particular issue queues under control, or just coming across them while trying to work on something else, so anything which cuts that rate down would make me very happy.

not a memory expert

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I'm a core contributor, module maintainer, etc.

Basically anything that scrolls off the 1st page of "my issues" (which can happen in a few hours) quickly falls out of my consciousness and I tend to forget about it. Beyond making git branches based on issue numbers I'd like more tools to track and prioritize issues.

Too much time in tech support

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Lynette Miles - head of the Views bug squad and the docs maintainer for Views. I spent 15 years working professionally in tech support. I think in my professional career I've been personally or partially responsible for somewhere in the area of 70000 issues (I may be under counting). I've worked with a handful of ticketing systems in that time, and been a support team lead for many years, and the gateway to keeping our customers away from developers so the devs can continue to work :D (this really meant that if I got involved, it was a real problem/bug)

I'm mostly with arianek in my thoughts; to be honest, I'd also like to see some separation of some "parts" of issues; we all know that documentation rarely gets updated when a module release happens - I'd like to see us be able to separate that need for documentation out from bug fixes

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