Knight Drupal Initaitive Monthly Proposal Review -- 7 August 2008

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2008-08-07 15:00 - 16:30 America/New_York
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

We will meet for the next round of proposal reviews on Thursday, August 7th at 15:00 Eastern (US) (19:00 UTC).

This meeting is part of our ongoing monthly review meetings. To be held in #drupal-dojo on IRC [freenode]. (See for information.)

We will meet for 1:30 with the following agenda:

1) Review current proposals that need decisions:

Participants are asked to review these proposals before the meeting.

The project sponsors are welcome to answer questions during this review. The possible outcomes of these reviews are:

* Submit the proposal to Knight for possible funding.
* Reject the proposal, with reasons why.
* Ask the proposal to be revised for the next round of review.

2) Introduce the new proposals for review:
-- There are currently no new proposals.

The purpose here is to get eyes on the new proposal, and let the submitter answer questions.

3) Time permitting, work on publicizing the efforts of the KDI.



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