Usability IRC Meeting#2

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2011-07-25 16:00 - 17:00 America/New_York
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Hello Usability Peeps,

It is already the time for our the next IRC meeting on usability. To give you some background what is this? The Usability IRC meetings are our version of UX Happy Hour. In order to have a more effective integration of usability to Drupal (especially for D8) and give usability feedback to designs, the UX team is going to start the bi-weekly one-hour IRC (#drupal-usability) meetings. Agenda for each meeting will vary.

The agenda for this meeting:
1. Discussion: Things you would like to be changed in D8 with respect to usability and why?
2. Review: If someone would like to get their designs reviewed, this is the place and chance!

Note: To effectively plan the meeting, here is the rough timeline: To discuss about the D8 usability for the first 45 minutes. After that, we will review designs. There is no hard stop after 60 minutes and the meeting could extend beyond if participants are available

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I would love if people who

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I would love if people who want to be involved in D8 or already are join this discussion.


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During the discussion we saw that the following things need attention:

  • Menu, Book outline UI are really hard to use, and havn’t really improved over the years.
  • RTL, LTR issues
  • The inconsistency of “leave to default” options, for example <none> for empty block titles and leaving node date field empty to get the default timestamp.
  • Field UI, specificily the Add x, Add x of...
  • In context filtering, like on the permission page, roles, modules listing etc.. It’s mindblowing what we have vs. the industry
  • Module page, still a major problem - perhaps icons? filters
  • Orientation, its really though for a first time user to understand “what parts” there are in Drupal.
  • Difficulty of changing terminology, and the disconnect between technical and user facing terminology.
  • Information architecture still confusing, currently like 4 places to look for functionality.
  • Inconsistency between in Drupal module categories, on d.o module categories - making them hard to pin point.
  • Workflow for installing modules jarring, requires user to paste an url.
  • Auto-save content
  • When changing something in a long list, its hard to see which item has been effected (eg. enabling a module, moving a menu item... after pressing save).
  • Improve core UI text, more actionable, consistent (more to the point, 2 lines max)
  • Blocks system, draggable, replicateable, and less hard to manage overall
  • Improvements to editorial workflow
  • Improve the toolbar to get around easier.


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