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Make default publishing options optional

Over the years, most of my clients have been confused by the default publishing options - Published, Promote to frontpage, and Sticky at top of lists - appearing on all content types. I think it is great that these options are available in core, but I can say for projects I work on we rarely use these on more than one or two content types. I can understand how having options on the node form that aren't being used would be confusing for content editors.

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"I just want to edit a node" Core Conversation

I am presenting a Core Conversation at Drupalcon in a few hours and am using this discussion as a place to hold or redirect follow up questions and issues.

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Author Select module could use some testing

The module is up which transforms the autocomplete Authored By field to an HTML <select> widget (which seems to be much easier for clients to get a handle on).

I'd love it if you guys could try it out on a couple sites and let me know if you have any problems. It's really simple, but has made life a lot easier for a couple of our clients.

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Drag'n'Drop Uploads

Hi guys,

I figure someone in this group may be interested in my latest module as I believe it is very usability focused. It's called "Drag'n'Drop Uploads", and unsurprisingly that is exactly what it offers users, the ability to drag and drop a file from your desktop onto a FileField/ImageField, Node Textarea or WYSIWYG display and have the file automatically uploaded and referenced (when appropriate).

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Delete tab (MENU_LOCAL_TASK) for nodes and removing "delete" button from node forms

This module adds a "delete" MENU_LOCAL_TASK to all nodes and removes "delete" button from all node forms. While this module is very simple and may not seem important for a developer, it does provide a significant improvement for content publishers/maintainers, especially to those who are new to Drupal.

Please leave your feedback.

Also, can I submit it as a contributed module?

; $Id: $
name = Delete Tab
description = Adds "delete" tab (MENU_LOCAL_TASK) for all nodes and disables default "delete" button on node forms.
package = Administration

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Drupal core patches and Vertical tabs

There are many Drupal 7 core issues that are tagged as "Needs usability review". It would be awesome to try and keep an eye on this list and review UI changes that are going in to core/7, with the aim of trying not to degrade Drupal usability further with un-monitored changes, as we usually do in Drupal core. The most important ones to review are the ones that are in the review process, marked RTBC or recently committed.

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Vertical Tabs In Drupal 7 Core! How Open Source Does Usability – The Process

Vertical tabs are finally in Drupal core!

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Screenshot of vertical tabs on an 'Article Edit' page in Drupal 7.

A week ago Angie "webchick" Byron committed a large patch from #323112 Vertical Tabs to Drupal 7 core. This change is quite possibly the most significant usability enhancement to Drupal 7 to date. Two of the three formal usability tests did usability testing with vertical tabs and reported positively.

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Screenshot of a 'Story Edit' page in Drupal 6, before vertical tabs.

UPDATE: Rob Loach has created a patch to implement vertical tabs on the node-type form.

UPDATE: See other issues about vertical tabs in Drupal core .

What is more interesting about this however, is the process, time and effort that it took to get this change into Drupal core. It all started over a year ago, well before DrupalCon Boston 2008 even before Drupal 6 had a stable release. The discussion around part of that patch goes back as far as November 2007! Along the way countless people have been involved in many discussions, worked on heaps of mockups, lots of prototypes, and loads of code.

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Translatable fields UI

Over the past two weeks at the core internationalization virtual sprint, we've been working on translatable fields. This would allow any core field attached to a node, user, taxonomy term etc. to be multilingual.

Core already allows for translating one entire node into another node, but you can't for example have translatable user profile fields, or taxonomy descriptions - and we're hoping this patch would be an enabler for that (and also make node translation more flexible).

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Columns in node forms

First of all I must say that Michael Haggerty's solution looks great. I've worked along the same lines with my project, that is, splitting the node form into two columns, not exercising jQuery magic. My module splits node forms into a main and right column and a footer. The admin interface makes it easy to change the region placement, weights and collapsed-state of all top-level form elements.

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