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Drupal SBUI Collaboration Platform now open

Hi Everyone,

I know, its been rather quiet from us since the announcement of the Drupal SiteBuilding Usability Initiative some two+ weeks ago. Well, BADCamp got in the way and Michael and Doug was busy mingling with all the amazing Drupalers there for starters. While they where doing that, I spent my time learning and configuring Open Atrium as we have chosen it as our collaboration platform for Drupal SBUI.

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Access Denied, You are not authorized to access this page

I am going crazy because of this problem ... Become and you get a lot for no reason ...
I have this problem since several months have been circumvented by deleting www .... Noted after several days of normal operation of the website ... But in recent days has become a continuously and, more disturbingly ... when I add new node or edit node ... I normally logged I can add the node and after that I have to log-in again
I have had this problem and prevented me from entering the admin panel until I updated to latest version 6.22 but still happened to me


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how i contact with suggestions teams???

hi all i have a suggestions ....
how i contact with suggestions teams???

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webform mysql views

Good Morning all,
i would like to ask about "webform mysql views module" , and how to use it,
firstly, i've installed and activate it to the website, and go to webforms page and then to Mysql Views tab, and checked the webform,
then what should i do, to access the view??

thanx in advance, and hope to help me

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Gaining Control Over User Narratives

I am writing this post to introduce myself and to invite both developers and UX designers to discuss a concept that I think is central to UX systems design - that of the User Narrative.

I am a UX designer and software developer with over 20 years of experience in the commercial software industry. Over the last 4 years I have shifted my focus from desktop to web applications. The last 3 years have been almost entirely spent on learning the ins and outs of building web sites on the Drupal platform.

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Tiny MCE in drupal

i am new in drupal , can anyone tell me how to use tiny mce module in drupal, i am using it but its not working except user # 1 . I want it for another admin user. please guide me how can i do that.
Thank you

Senpai replies: You should probaby have posted this in the forums on instead, since this wiki is for the proponents of usability within Drupal itself. Try as a starter link, kk? :)

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UX sprint group 1 (dissapearing help) progress

Here is the visual discussion sketch of possible contents and related problems / dependencies of the first-time user help page. We kind-of nailed the contents of the help but it's interaction model, placement and relation with admin, post-install flow etc is still under heavy discussion.

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