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Taxonomy based theme display?

I have been building a site that was designed by a very ambitious designer. One of the features she wants is to have two different 'types' of pages, one with a right sidebar, and one without.

In my mind, this wants to be within the same theme, instead of creating a sidebar and a full-width theme.

The problem is how to create this.

One idea I have had is to add a vocabulary that contains terms that can be used to determine the layout. Then use a phptemplate_preprocess_page() function to detect the taxonomy of a given node, then unset the variables accordingly.

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Taxonomy improvements for Drupal 7

I think it's time taxonomy module got some more love in core. Drag and drop etc. was nice to get in D6, but there's much more we could do. Also I keep seeing various taxonomy administration helper modules cropping up - which is good, but there's no core patches cropping up alongside them, which is a shame, so I'm starting this in the hope of generating some discussion about things we could do this release cycle.

There's three obvious areas where Taxonomy could use some help.


Merging terms.
Moving terms between vocabularies.
Mass operations (delete, edit).

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