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Reinventing Drupal’s User Experience process

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The Drupal core product needs to become more engaging and useful right out of the box. Usability testing has shown why. Here, we want to look at how we can change our process to be more efficient and effective.

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Tackling UX design challenges

We're kicking off weekly meetings in IRC:

Taking inventory of who, what & how:


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Offer to help with D8 UX and Usability testing and improvements

Hello everyone,

First a public apology to all those within the community I offended and in other ways behaved badly against last time, few years back, around. It is not an excuse, but I was then on my way straight into the wall and towards a personal meltdown which has taken until now to feel sure that the risk for backlashes is under control, including to know I will handle things better this time around.

Please feel free to contact me privately if there is anything you need me to explain further. I would be happy to discuss and clear up any remaining issues you have.

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U of MN : Possible Usability Study 2015

2015-05-12: We discussed this at DrupalCon LA. See update below.

Camp organizers for Twin Cities Drupal Camp are in contact with the University of Minnesota Usability Lab about the possibility of another usability study there in connection with this years camp/sprints!

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Make default publishing options optional

Over the years, most of my clients have been confused by the default publishing options - Published, Promote to frontpage, and Sticky at top of lists - appearing on all content types. I think it is great that these options are available in core, but I can say for projects I work on we rarely use these on more than one or two content types. I can understand how having options on the node form that aren't being used would be confusing for content editors.

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Make Module Install Process Easier

After encountering this error message: elFinder library was not found. Please download it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/elfinder/files/ and install to . (Currently using elFinder Not found) and having had to futz with the placement of various external files to get things like the WYSIWYG plugin and PLUPLOAD plugin working, I had an idea.

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Wheels To Borrow Instead of Reinvent

There are some things that other pieces of software do really really well. When you can borrow or copy their wheel, why go to the trouble of building your own from scratch?

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Findings from D8 UX study: Moving between site and admin interface (overlay alternative)


For this study, wanted to learn how well content editors could move between admin and non-admin pages, using the patch proposed in Issue #787896, an alternative to Overlay. We recruited 7 participants with experience building or managing content in CMSs. Their Drupal experience ranged from none to many years, but all of them were satisfied, neutral or unaware about the Overlay (that is, none of the participants were dissatisfied with it).

Executive summary

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Sidelook to the Typo3-Future: uxvision-for-the-next-typo3-cms

Just got a Slideshare-Message with that one:

UX-Vision for the next TYPO3 CMS from Jens Hoffmann

It´s worth to have a look.

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Why admin menu module is still not included in the Drupal core?

I found and loved admin menu module during Drupal 6 ages.
This module became so popular and I was sure that it will be included in Drupal 7 core.

The main strong point of admin menu that we can open any level of Drupal admin in one click.

But now I can see that admin menu is not even in Drupal 8 core.



I'm sure that it is sufficient reason to include it in Drupal core.


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