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Hello everyone,

I am trying to delve into learning Drupal by starting off with Drupal Gardens before I download the core program and do a self install.

I am looking for a FREE Drupal Gardens video to watch in hopes of getting me up to speed. The Drupal 7 Essential Training on looks great, but I am going to most likely be dishing out some $$ to them in the future and would rather be up to speed before I do that so as to make the most out of my monthly membership.

Any suggestions?


I assume you've seen the

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I assume you've seen the regular documentation and videos...
I think in some cases the UI might have been updated, but it's pretty close.
The documentation is more up to date.

Also on Youtube:

I like these Drupal gardens videos by Home School Webmaster too. He goes step by step, and has a "lesson a day" approach which I think is motivating ;)

Also are you using the forum over on ?

On the Acquia website, you

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On the Acquia website, you can look in some of their old webinars that go over features of Drupal Gardens also. You can see some of them here. also has a training video on Drupal Gardens specifically. From my experience, I can say that signing up for is worth it. Having the exercise files is nice but not necessary.

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