Drupal7 UX Project is Go! - Now's the time to get involved

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You may have heard the excellent and very exciting news that following on from our work on Drupal.org, Mark Boulton Design has been contracted to take a look at the User Experience for the upcoming Drupal 7, and I'm very happy to be working with him on this project as well.

Work on this project kicked off at the recent Drupalcon, and there are a number of current discussions that would really benefit from getting as many different perspectives and opinions as possible. Please take a moment to have a look and consider getting involved in the project - if you do want to make a difference to the user experience of the Drupal 7 then we need you to get engaged with the process now!

Some of the current discussions that would love your attention include:

We look forward to hearing from you!


geez. the websites in the

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geez. the websites in the spam above aren't even built with Drupal... hehehe


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