UX open hours in IRC – 20 Feb

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2012-02-20 22:00 - 23:55 Europe/Amsterdam
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Join us in IRC for another 2 hours worth on updates from UX team.

First hour agenda:

  • Google usability testing update
  • Modules page redesign update
  • Core initiative leads are invited to bring up their UX related topics: Mobile, WSCCI, Media, etc.

Second hour agenda: your call!

Introduce yourself or an interesting design topic and we’ll provide feedback.

  • Are you a module maintainers who’d like a UI review? Bring screenshots or demo sites
  • Are you a researcher or journalist or otherwise good with words? We’re looking for people who crunch user data spreadsheets for breakfast and translate findings into actionables for designers and developers to sink their teeth in.

If you want to get started working on Drupal UX, come by and say hi and we’ll help you pick an interesting bit to work on. Join the team!


Follow on a light foot

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Are there records kept somewhere as to what has been talked about and what outcomes have been produced in the open hours??
So it could be easier for people that were not there to see what is going on.

Life is a journey, not a destination

You're absolutely right, I

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You're absolutely right, I just didn't take very good notes this time. I usually put them in here as a comment. We discussed:

Next week looks to become a nice one: http://groups.drupal.org/node/214363, you coming? :)


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