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I'm looking into using MERCI as a reservation and checkout system for our college's film program. If this isn't the correct place to ask, I apologize and let me know where.

In MERCI 7x, I have a lighting kit as a content type that is set up as a bucket. Now I need to add accessories to this kit (power cables, barn doors, little bits that easily get lost if not accounted for, etc). I've created a taxonomy vocabulary for each kit and populated it with terms (accessories). Then in that content type's "Manage Fields" area, I've created a term reference to the vocabulary I just created. Is this the correct way to add accessories for MERCI 7x?

In a MERCI 6x-2.0 Reservation, I (as in the Equip Room Mngr or Equip Room Monitor) can add accessories (taxonomy terms) in the "Currently reserved items" area when it comes time to check out the kit. Those accessories make it into the contract and email. This is vital for our equipment rooms. I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this in the 7x-2.0-rc.1 Reservation.

Is it me? Is it a view?

I've attached an image of the 6x-2.0 configuration. This is what I'm looking to achieve with 7x.

Thanks in advanced.

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Any luck with this? I can't seem to get the linkage to happen like you did.

When I set up the content type and manage fields, the fields show up in the edit page for the specific item, I don't get the list in the reservation as you show it.

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