Created an audit of Drupal collateral that exists in the world so everybody can find it.

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Update: Please use this form on the Association site: Drupal Collateral Audit

Go here and submit any Drupal-related collateral that you can find. Once we have a good list going, we'll create a permanent home for it on d.o. Thanks!

This is a great opportunity for free publicity for your firm!!!



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Thanks Ben, I've added a quicklink to the BAM Research page for you. Also working on the form so we don't look like monkeys for not using our own software which does forms pretty easily ;)

Well, imho, survey monkey

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Well, imho, survey monkey does forms very much easier than Drupal does. No offense. :)

More power to ya. I'd love it if we had a marketing collateral node that people could create. Then, we could make a proper view. I see a nail...

the problem

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Well that's exactly the problem isn't it, Drupal makes extremely complicated things very easy to do with the click of a mouse, but when you want to do something which seems pretty simple from a human point of view it's sometimes very hard to do. That's exactly what I see the role of marketing to do - highlight the fact that we need to make things easy for people, prioritise the most important things, find funding/resources to improve it, then improve it.

But first we need to work out what the issues are, I only know the things I think are issues but no formal research has been done, which is one of the reasons why I pushed to set up a BAM committee.

Vote for using Drupal

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Hi, I'm new to the conversation, but I agree about using Drupal instead of Survey Monkey. The Webform module is simple to use and it demonstrates that Drupal can solve the problems users have - form building being a common one. This sends an important message in my view.

John Hannah
Friendly Machine


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Thanks for your support John, I too think it's vitally important we send out the right signals - at the moment we seem to just be repeating the "Drupal's too complicated" thing.

I've set up a dev site on Pantheon and will be working on a plain D7 install, just doing the basic functionality we need and growing from there.

Quick suggestion - regardless

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Quick suggestion - regardless of how we collect the data, I think it would be helpful for people to have some examples of what we mean by collateral.


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Yup, we need to seed everything we do here to show people.

And dog food aside, a Survey

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And dog food aside, a Survey Monkey form feels a bit one off, when collateral will constantly be generated, so maybe it does make sense to have a form on d.o and for this to be an ongoing thing.

Also if it doesn't have security implications, we could even allow uploads rather than just a download link which could become broken in future. Unless someone is actively going to download, collate and do something with the submissions.

the way it works...

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So... for the moment I'm just going to create a form on an external site we have complete control over.

Once it's starting to be used and a bit more stable we could potentially propose for it to go on gdo, however I'd rather use less of the current gdo contributors' time as they're working hard on commons 3 on gdo, so there's not much point building up this version, we might as well make the most of what we've got and do what we can to support the commons 3 gdo project - see for more info on that.

I do not understand why you

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I do not understand why you need to use Survey Monkey or setup a whole separate website for such a task. This can be done in a single issue in one of your projects on d.o - let people comment on it with all the info you need. As a bonus:
- people can actually attach files to their comments
- everyone can see what was submitted earlier - you don't need to "seed everything back" and people won't submit same thing 2 times
- people's contributions being recorded on and can be seen when we for example evaluate companies for inclusion to Marketplace

I agree

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I totally agree, and I really don't have the time to be making sites and forms and whatever else is needed.

I'll set up an issue and create a quicklink from the group to make it easy as poss, hopefully we can get buy-in from the others.

It's now an issue

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I've created an issue and changed the promoted links.

I'll start adding some collateral so people see how to do it.

Here's the link:
Drupal Collateral Audit

I appreciate what you're trying here but...

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...this is an unusable outcome. It's fine if we had 5 or 10 pieces of collateral but we will end up having hundreds.

So instead of using database fields (as in a node or spreadsheet) to create a searchable, sortable, extensible set that we can do all kinds of great and helpful things with, we are using a forum setup to type all the fields of data into the body of comments?


Come on you guys. We're better than this.

When I worked at Apple we called this the "not invented here" syndrome. Where even if there were waaay better tools available from a third party, we'd be forced to reinvent the wheel just so that we could say we used our own technology. It hamstrings us, guys.

You've traded "Ha, ha, they're using SurveyMonkey instead of their own Drupal." for "Ha, ha, Drupal's collaboration tools really suck."

If there is some easy way to create a real form here on g.d.o then let's do it. Can't do it on d.o without distracting everybody from the upgrade and other critical projects. Well, where can we do it?

Ideally, we'd have a view or all the collateral and allow people to search it or filter it based on version of Drupal, type of collateral, etc. This makes it useful for a marketing or sales person to quickly find help. A huge list of comments is just terrible in so many ways.

So, how do we create a "Marketing Collateral" node type with an upload field?


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I admittedly don't know who makes changes to d.o or g.d.o, but I tend to agree with Ben. We have Webform module that would collect the data in a spreadsheet so it would be much more useable. Couldn't someone set up a Webform and expose the results in a searchable form? If not on g.d.o, can we set up another Drupal site and link it?

Danita Bowman

ADO has webform installed.

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Might be worth chatting with Marta about this - she may be able to set up a webform on ADO.

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Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

ADO webform or

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Yes, ADO has webform installed.

Also, there is on Is this an appropriate place for the collateral? It's already available. It has the same goal: to offer Drupal promotional materials.

Separately, are we able to tag people in this forum? If someone's name is mentioned and they never see it does the tree not make a sound? Kidding. But tagging would be good.


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Thanks Lizz, sounds like ADO is the place to get the form set up.

The marketing-resources looks like a place we should output our end results of the collateral audit, for the time being we just need a super-simple form for people to submit stuff they find - I don't think the issue I set up is working / going to work!

As for tagging, no idea!

Also... more places to find things

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So you don't have to go hunting, there are also 2 other pages I should point out that could be useful once you've figured out what collateral exists and who the audience is for the pieces:

Page to promote Drupal to CMS business evaluators

Page promoting the Drupal Association

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HI all,

Just to clarify, when the GDO marketing group originally started this focus to create Drupal Marketing Materials (last August), they asked me to host items here:
It's purpose was to be a repository of marketing collateral that Drupal businesses could access and use as needed (ie. The German community came here to get material for their booth at CeBIT).. It isn't a page for CMS evaluators to find information.

I have been maintaining this page (although it has gone silent for a while), so feel free to continue using this page or just let me know if you want to go another direction. I support whatever the group wants to do.

Happy Marketing!

Executive Director, Drupal Association

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How about - it's hosted - and it's built on Drupal. And you can export not only your data but also the code.

When I clicked the first link in the doc above, I just expected an open Google Doc spreadsheet. That would do too! We can't overthink this stuff.


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I'll discuss setting up

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I'll discuss setting up webform on a.d.o with Marta today. Afaik webform does not let you sort/search/etc. results unless you export them. So something like google doc might be a better solution then webform as long as final results will go to Though I'd still prefer if we simply used issue queue.