Is Drupal awareness growing in Nigeria

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20% (2 votes)
30% (3 votes)
I can be better.
40% (4 votes)
Who cares?
10% (1 vote)
Total votes: 10


"It" can be better

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Hi chuta,

I guess the 3rd option on your poll ought to read "It can be better". I actually tried to vote that option & I kept getting a validation error. Eventually chose "Yes".

This is also to inform the Drupal community in Lagos (& Nigeria) that as part of the Audax Lecture Series, we will be having a "Drupal Awareness" camp/meetup on Wednesday 13th of March, 2013 at Audax Solutions, Plot 24, Block 113, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Details of the event will soon be up here & all over social media platforms.

Audax (Venue) Pictures:

Venue Directions (Google Maps):
Venue Directions (Bing):

Chill Pill

Hard to say, I've only seen

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Hard to say, I've only seen one fairly large site using it, and it was a newspaper site, so that's good. At the moment people are still trying to use WP for everything. I got into Drupal proper a couple of months ago, and have come a long way since then. I still think we're a loooong way away from anything resembling a vibrant Drupal community here.

A few large Drupal sites in Nigeria

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There are a couple of fairly large Nigerian sites using Drupal that you may not be aware of. In the Newspaper space there is:

In the enterprise space, MTN Nigeria's website is also built on Drupal.

If you "suspect" a site is built with Drupal, or you'd like to know which CMS the site is built on, install this Google Chrome Sniffer Browser Add-on and look to the right of the address bar while browsing.

Chill Pill

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