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Seeking a Free Lance Drupal Developer for Newspaper Website

I'm working with a small radio station that currently has a daily e-news paper and adds news to their website manually using Dreamweaver.

We are considering Drupal CMS, and believe this module seems to have what we need to create the site we are looking for:

We are looking for any recommendations for a developer that has experience with the module and would be able to help us transition the site over to Drupal.

Thank you for any help / guidance in this matter.


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Seeking help to investigate my D7 site and optimise

I need help for my news site - a nonprofit venture - if I am using a bad theme (bad coding/loops) or a bad module.

After I upgraded to D7 a year back, the site became CPU hungry (or is it normal!)

  • At this point we have a max of 15 articles posted per day.
  • I have also disabled the default search.
  • with .htacces, I have blocked bad referrers - which I suppose added extra load
  • right now using the basic TMA theme
  • reduced google news bot crawling rate
  • I am also looking for a lowest (cost) possible, but high performance hosting.
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Best 980px Grid Framework for News Sites?

I know responsive designs are all the rage now, but I'm looking for a grid-based framework that easily (i.e. no coding) allows a 980px layout, which is perfect for the iPad in landscape mode. Can someone suggest a fitting framework?

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Realname in user profile reverts to user name

Hello, I was hoping that someone here might have encountered what I'm dealing with and maybe have a solution, or explanation? I submitted my question to the issue queue, but have not received any response whatsoever, so I figured I try here.

I'm using the Realname module for a Drupal 7 site. Basically, to display a user's full name instead of their user name (Joe Choo instead of jchoo) on their profile page. I am using Display Suite to handle the layout of the user profile page.

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Just moved site from subdirectory to root, but the admin menus still link to subdirectory


I successfully moved my site from dev to the root and everything is working great! The only issue I'm encountering is that the admin menu keeps taking me back to, instead of keeping me at

I know I'm missing something obvious. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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moved from localhost online in a subdirectory, images not showing

Hello, I went searching online but couldn't find a clear answer.

I've been developing a site locally and moved it into a subdirectory online ( while I continue to test things. Everything is working fine except the images. I've changed the media>files settings to point to the correct directory (sites/default/files), but the images are still not displaying.

Can someone help me with this?

Thank you.

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Getting editorial content to Drupal?

Hi all, great group here, I'm learning a lot.

I'm not a web developer, but I've got a bit of Drupal experience and am trying to facilitate a changeover from the current, old-school CMS we have at a small English-language newspaper in Taiwan. My main point of confusion is how to get the editorial content we are working with into Drupal.

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What do you use for your search?

What modules/solutions are you guys all using for site search?

We were using Apache Solr in our early days ... but we had issues with it (took forever to index, had to turn the index rate way down because of server load).

We're now using Google Site Search, which I'm pretty happy with, but there is a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth because we do not have a sort by date feature.

Are there any other good alternatives?

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Best practices for news images

I am looking for best (available) practices to manage images for news. Is essential for news images to be reused some times. Does someone find a way to reuse images and arrange them in galleries?
I want to upload images, arrange them in galleries and be able to attach them to articles multiple times?

For now the closest I found is “IMCE file browser”, but it’s very basic way.
There are no thumbnails no description for pictures, only preview when you select the picture.

Someone found a way?

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Introduction and a couple of questions....

Hey folks..

Let me introduce myself here first.. My name is Brian and I've been given the task to redesign the website of the newspaper I shoot for.
I've used wordpress for quite a few years to run blogs and never really understood why Drupal would be the choice over Wordpress for something like a newspaper site... I've gotten my feet wet here for a couple of days and I'm starting to realize just how powerful Drupal is.

Anyways, I've gotten off to a great start and this group is a wonderful resource. However I have a few questions...

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