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Drupal for newspaper

Hi, I'm Craig Ringer from the POST Newspapers, a local newspaper in Perth, Western Australia.

I'm posting here to find out more about Drupal for internal CMS/workflow use, and to find out what others use for some of their other newspaper-related business software like class/pag.

As is frequently the case I'm the only techie in the newspaper, and close to the only computer literate person here. I'm an experienced Java and C++ programmer with experience working with PostgreSQL, but I'm on fresh ground with PHP for Drupal and am new to templated HTML+CSS CMS themeing etc. I'm currently working on writing a newspaper accounts/bookings system for my employer, and am investigating software options for other parts of the business.

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News site needs way to update published stories (without losing original URL?)

For background, we are a fairly large publisher driving Drupal 6 with Vjoon K4 publishing platform tied to InDesign/InCopy. So...

We publish a breaking news story to Web: "Two die in Union Square apartment fire"

The story is indexed by search engines and traffic starts coming.

But then, reporter says he has updated news story: "Ten die in Union Square hotel arson fire"

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Best Installation Profile For news publication

I am a drupal developer for past one year.
My client have asked me to build a news publishing site. I am new to this domain, I have read many forums and found that there are some installation profiles for NEWS publications like openpublish , prosepoint etc,..
I am confused to choose the one, i read this main points of this group and they have listed all the modules, i can build with that, the problem i have is that it needs to be build in a weeks time, so i cant do by that way, i must go for prebuild system.

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Innovation News Development

Hello Newspaper group! For those of you who don't know us, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Open Publishing Lab, a research lab at the Rochester Institute of Technology that is researching new methods of content creation and developing open source applications for publishing across various media.

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Creating a Newspaper Website with Drupal **FIXED**

Hi all,

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How many development hours to expect?

I'm brand spanking new to Drupal and to this forum. I poked around a bit and didn't see anything posted on this topic yet.

I've just taken on a freelance project to create a newspaper (or newspaper-like) website for a client. So far what I know is that he wants to have different departments (I'm assuming things like "current events", "sports", "entertainment", etc.) and he also wants several different people to contribute content. He wants to be able to post different types of content: text, slideshows, videos, etc. Knowing this, Drupal sounds like a good solution.

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Best image solution for images and news


This post inspired by reply of http://groups.drupal.org/user/6482 in similar post.

So, I need "enterprise" solution and can't figure out the way to do.
Imagefield is not acceptable for that.
I want reuse my images.

I have article about local event. There was vip-person on this event and sponsors.
Sponsors images will appear only here in this article.
vip-person image i get from "vip-person" gallery
event images from "This event" gallery

What is the easiest way for editor to add article and images to drupal?

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Suggestions wanted: 3rd Party Ad Serving Services

Looking for opinions on 3rd party ad serving systems. Our current service (Burst Media AdConductor) was inherited from earlier development efforts and I'd like to compare it against other systems popular with media sites. Anybody have any relevant insight and or good experiences with a particular system? Thanks.

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Intro and call for assistance...

Hi, my name is Bob Gunner and I have worked in Houston media (Both traditional print, broadcast and Internet) since I was 18. I am familiarizing myself with Drupal development to create an alternative news and entertainment publication for The Woodlands area near Houston. I was laid off of a two-year gig as the managing cluster editor and content manager for a media company and have decided it was time to pursue self-employment.

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Searching for SAXOTECH editorial system users who use or want to use Drupal

At http://www.gazettenet.com we have a website that is Drupal-based. Our editorial system is Saxotech. I am interested in making contacts with other newspaper people who are also working with Saxotech on the back end and Drupal on the front end.

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