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Nigeria Drupal Group Meet-up at Shoprite, Ikeja Lagos on June 28th.

Here's just 10 Great Reasons to attend this coming Drupal Nigeria Lagos user group

1. Networking and promotional opportunities
Being active in the local Drupal community is a good way to meet others, and supporting local Drupal events is a great way to foster the local community, as well as align your brand and expertise with the global Drupal project.
2. Employment opportunities.

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Free, open course for news-interested "hackers"

Mozilla, Hacks/Hackers, Medill School at Northwestern University, and The Media Consortium are collaborating to run a free online course for journalists and programmers on the Peer-to-peer University platform. This is an experimental six-week course exploring the ways that technology is changing news production and how professional journalists & programmers can work together to innovate around these changes. Here's the tentative course outline:

  • The fundamentals of journalism and coding
  • Project management
  • Edit it. Fork it. The art of collaboration and journalism
  • Big Ugly Datasets For Thumb-Fingered Journalists
  • Maps. Maps. Everywhere
  • Data journalism and government

You can read more here:

We are specifically looking for a few more programmers with an interest in learning more about journalism to join the course, as we're heavy on "hacks" and light on "hackers" at the moment. If you're interested, contact me directly here: and let me know a bit about yourself, your experience, what you might contribute to the course, and what time zone you're in.

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DrupalCon newspapers and media related proposed sessions + community websites

Today is the very last day to vote on session for the next DrupalCon in Copenhagen. I wanted to share what I did find and see if I miss any session related to Drupal use in media and publishing industries.

Two distributions aiming at media websites

Creating a generic platform for a national media company : showcase

US perspective :

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Looking for Drupal training in London/SE England especially for building a newspaper site and/or conditional presentation of content depending on which page your on

I'm seriously considering investing in myself by buying some training, taking a few days off my job and going on a course for such things. I've done a bit of google searching but I thought I'd ask here for recommendations, durations, price guides/ranges.

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10 sessions in media related field for the next DrupalCon in Paris and more to come ? Please help to choose

I think it would be good to give an extra visibility to the proposed sessions in media related field for the next DrupalCon in Paris.

It's time to register

Once registered :

You can register your vote

Now you still have some time to be able to vote on them, so we can see which sessions are on the top of your lists and plan the schedule accordingly.
Get busy using your right to vote again, as this is your event!
Deadline will be Sunday, 12th July
Here is how you do it (if you don't know already):
Step 1
Go to the sessions list.
Step 2
Browse through it by filtering etc. Once you have found a topic that you want to vote for, click on the button in the upper right corner:
Step 3
Once it is green, it shows that you have voted and you can see all the sessions in My Attending Sessions in your profile.

Click again to cancel your vote.

Or you can make a session proposal to share your latest media related achievements :

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Newspaper / Media BoF @ DrupalCon DC2009

There's a Newsindustry BoF @ DrupalCon DC2009.

Drop a comment, if you wanna come:

Thanks to webrat for suggesting the BoF.

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The Public Press, a new daily newspaper for the San Francisco Bay Area

The Public Press is a concept for the next-generation daily newspaper. We're organizing a group of journalists, technologist and nonprofit managers to organize a new newsroom for the San Francisco Bay Area that would produce a Web site, daily print newspaper and collaborations with nonprofit news-gathering organizations locally and nationally. We've built a simple Drupal 6 site that we will be growing in the coming weeks and months, and we plan to start publishing on the Web using this platform.

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ATTEND/INVITE: Describe technologies that will/are disrupting journalism

You're invited to help define the future of technology and journalism:

-- By adding to a dialogue about the 10-most-disruptive technologies affecting journalism today (or in the future) How? Go to this link:

Then reply to this post with your additions/deletions/comments on the 10-most list.

-- By attending some or all of a three day conceptual mashup and "do team" facilitation at Yahoo! Sunnyvale on April 30-May 3.

Your invited to:
Technology and the New Ecology of News

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Nexpo Meetup, anyone?

For those who don't know, Nexpo is a gigantic trade show put on by the Newspaper Association of America every year. Over at my day job, I'm a member of the NAA, and this interview was with the NAA monthly trade magazine.

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Knight Foundation BoF at DrupalCon - Wednesday 3:30

To all News folk at DrupalCon this week - just noticed the DrupalCon BoF event posting below and thought I'd post here to raise visibility. I didn't get a chance to meet others at Lucky's yesterday (raucous fun, but not too conducive to conversation!). Come on by if you're interested in Knight or just want to chat over Drupal.

  • Chip Kaye
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