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The Economist - Which Modules are used to build it and how are managed blogs and channels?

I would like to know what modules are used in The Economist Drupal 6 websites:
Also I would like to understand how are managed the Channels and Blogs Structures.
And also How are managed the subscribed content?

I think we could learn a lot from The Economist website. It is a great project.

Can you help me?

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10 sessions in media related field for the next DrupalCon in Paris and more to come ? Please help to choose

I think it would be good to give an extra visibility to the proposed sessions in media related field for the next DrupalCon in Paris.

It's time to register

Once registered :

You can register your vote

Now you still have some time to be able to vote on them, so we can see which sessions are on the top of your lists and plan the schedule accordingly.
Get busy using your right to vote again, as this is your event!
Deadline will be Sunday, 12th July
Here is how you do it (if you don't know already):
Step 1
Go to the sessions list.
Step 2
Browse through it by filtering etc. Once you have found a topic that you want to vote for, click on the button in the upper right corner:
Step 3
Once it is green, it shows that you have voted and you can see all the sessions in My Attending Sessions in your profile.

Click again to cancel your vote.

Or you can make a session proposal to share your latest media related achievements :

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Creating flexible news page layouts with Panels2

I'm a latecomer to the Panels party. We've been able to use blocks and regions to accommodate our layout needs for our community websites. But as we work on a project to launch two large newspapers on Drupal later this year, we're looking for ways to enable editors to create and manage special page layouts on the fly, as the changing news demands.

That led to Panels, and after spending some time with Panels 2, I'm blown away.

Here's how Panels solves the problem.

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Schamper: our student newspaper on Drupal

We've recently redesigned our website, so I took the time to do a small writeup and look back on our switch to Drupal a while ago. Hope you enjoy the read.

Making the transit from Textpattern to Drupal

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Modules that might be useful for newspapers

This wiki page lists a number of modules useful for newspaper sites. Please add any module you think is missing!
Discussion about this wiki is held on this page.

Last addition: Memcache API + Boost (090722)
Please note: The previous list has been moved to this page. It was old and dusty list, mainly presenting modules for Drupal 5. The drop is moving!

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Learning resources for Drupal

i need to build magazin/newspaper web site for non-profit organization ( huntingon disease ).
the site now is mambo and i want to build new one with drupal, where can i find document that explain
how to do it , what Modules needed .., where can i find help for this project

thenk you
moshe ovadia

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For those of you who haven't seen it yet, take a look at the gorgeous New York Observer site, that just relaunched on Drupal:

The fine people behind it did a very nice writeup in the showcase forum:

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