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Drupal & Magazine/Newspaper information?


I have to create an onlime magazine.
I have seen that many olnline magazines / newspapers were built with Drupal.

I am new to Drupal (I have developped sites with Joomla and Wordpress, but none with Drupal yet). So I am gathering information.

As I see that posts in « Newspapers on Drupal » have been posted a while ago with older versions of Drupal, I am wondering:

1° if Drupal is still the best low cost solution to achieve a professional result

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The Open Mic Podcast: New Format, New Modules and Drupal 8 Updates

This week Ash and Ben go over new modules and some stories from the week, Hope you enjoy!

Download the latest episode of The Open Mic now:

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yelvington's picture relaunches (finally) on Drupal 7

One of the first newspaper-based sites based on Drupal, has relaunched on Drupal 7 with a responsive design and tight integration with newsroom workflow and subscriber management systems.

This project features an unusually high degree of integration with third-party systems:

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Drupal Theme for Newspaper

I need to switch my cannabis news site,, over to a new responsive theme. I am using TB Rave and don't like it. I have seen a few in Wordpress, but am unfamiliar with it. I have some Drupal expereience.

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What is a good starting point?

So I have been tasked with a new project. This is going to be an independent news site using Drupal 7. What are a couple of the best themes or templates that could help us get it up and running very quickly? I have been looking around at some themes that offer a news site look and feel. I'm whiling to pay for a good template in order to have a rapid turn around on getting it up and running. Of course over time I will be doing some modifications and updating.

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What would be the ideal News/Magazine architecture


We are working on a few publishing projects by now and there seems no final good option out there to quickly get the site up and running. We are investigating what's best solution to build robust premium Magazine/News themes (by this I actually mean a complete Drupal website profile).


We want to develop at least 5 different Drupal News and Magazine themes and offer them as basic off-the-shelf package and add customizations on top per bespoke business requirements.


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Seeking a Free Lance Drupal Developer for Newspaper Website

I'm working with a small radio station that currently has a daily e-news paper and adds news to their website manually using Dreamweaver.

We are considering Drupal CMS, and believe this module seems to have what we need to create the site we are looking for:

We are looking for any recommendations for a developer that has experience with the module and would be able to help us transition the site over to Drupal.

Thank you for any help / guidance in this matter.


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Inject Ads into Teaser List

I am looking for a module or method to inject banner ads (these would be direct sales banner ads, sold and placed by the site owner, not Google Adsense ads, etc.) into a teaser list at a certain spot in a teaser list (for example, the default front page when Articles are promoted to the front page). For example, I would like a banner ad to appear after the third teaser listed on the front page.

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Newspaper taxonomy best practices

As newspapers, we are taxonomy nuts. Surprisingly, there isn't any documented best practices for how to form and use a taxonomy tree.

I am in the early phase of deciding on a main taxonomy tree for 6 newspapers and would be very interested in knowing how others run things.

Some questions:

  • Did your main taxonomy start from a pre-made tree? Associated Press offers one but are there others?

  • Do you include geographical information (State, Region, City) in your main taxonomy tree or do you rely on a set of address fields.

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Byline Taxonomy

After trying CCK for our bylines, I decided to make a taxonomy term for authors instead. I want readers to be able to click on bylines that lead to a taxonomy page with all of the author's published stories.

My set-up looks something like this:

if ($node->taxonomy[xx]) {

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