drupal 7 slow on windows server 2008, iis 7

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I have a d7 site up and running on windows server 2008 r2 with iis 7 and it's running extremely slow. I have been reading about the different caching alternatives and am wondering if anyone here has suggestions about which work best for this configuration. I have both authenticated and anonymous users and the entire site is SSL. I am looking at using authcache (http://drupal.org/project/authcache). I have a couple of questions:
1. Is authcache (with memcache as the handler - http://drupal.org/project/memcache) the best way to go for my set up?
2. Can anyone point me to step-by-step installation instructions for all the pieces that need to be set up for this to work properly?

Thanks in advance!


In my own experience, just

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In my own experience, just using the built in database backed caching was more than adequate, so I wonder if you know more precisely where your bottlenecks are, and what sort of performance you were expecting?

  • Take your base page for instance, what response time and how many simultaneous requests can you attain?
  • Have you done any profiling to determine if you are cpu, memory or io bound?
  • If you are cpu, memory or io bound, which process, IIS or your database is consuming the time?
  • in the browser is it the full page loading that is slow? or could you actually be experiencing a fast drupal time and some other resource is causing the page to complete it's rendering slowly?

I haven't done any profiling recently but getting 100 requests per second (from multiple threads) should be very doable with response times under 200ms with just the stock features.

Thanks for the response

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Thanks for the response panmanphil! I have looked into the issues you suggested and have determined that php-cgi.exe requests are using 100% of the CPU at times. I am reading through the posts I can find on this to see if I can find the answer but if anyone has any suggestions they would like to leave I would be very grateful.

I was able to get authcache up and running with memcache as the handler by following the instructions here: http://cappelendesign.no/2012/06/installing-memcache-on-windows/

Couchbase vs Memcache

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Anyone tried http://www.couchbase.com/memcached in a Windows 2008 server environment?

I haven't tried with Drupal,

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I haven't tried with Drupal, but have run in on Windows. Pretty painless. Only thing was there were no recent windows builds so I always wondered if being out of date presented any security issues.

mgifford, have you had any

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have you had any succes in speeding up the drupal site?

I am facing the same issue....

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I'm on Azure using the paid everything. Site seems to load fairly quick without being logged in. Any page load for an authenticated user is like 20-40 seconds...especially making any modifications through the admin.

Drupal on Windows

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