Speakers Needed for upcoming camps

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My fellow Drupalers it is summer time! that means its time to go camping :)
there are two firsts... well one almost first! and we need speakers to share knowledge, skills and the passion for all things Drupal and OS.
In August we have DrupalCamp Karachi and in September DrupalCamp Dubai! exact dates to be announced as soon as we have got the venues tied down but it will be as usual a Saturday and you are welcome to attend in person or via Skype.
They are both nascent but talented communities and our theme is super wide! Drupal in the Enterprise, be it public, private, third or the educational sector.
Case studies, tales from the trenches and the what not to do are all welcome.
We are also running Hello Drupal training sessions for the newbies and are looking for some ninjas to take on a session or two via Skype if you can not make it person.
thank you and looking forward to camping!


I am in...

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Love to know and be tha part when something like Drupal Camping is going to happen. So.... I am in as speaker... need to see where I will be fit into.
Cheers :)


Audience!!! bear me as a Speaker

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Type the phrase "best camping places" in google.com - top results would be UK/Britain places. So I would like to do camping as instructed by google and would skype my sessions from there :)

Apart from jokes, I'm more than happy to deliver session(s) or Hello drupal training(s) in any mode which ever feasible.

Hello Drupal & Drupal Training

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Hi guys,

we were planning to organize Hello Drupal & Acquia authorized Drupal training in Dubai from 17 - 19 Sep 2013.

it'll be great if we can club these events. More details on the training can be found here:


I'll be in Dubai tomorrow, please contact me on +971 50 123 65 18

I'd really like to meet some Drupalers.


Jamshid Nalakath

hi Jamshid, awesome idea,

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hi Jamshid, awesome idea, lets chat in the morning

Drupalcon in Dubai

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I have discussed with DA in drupalcon portland about drupalcon event in dubai next year, They are planning a event but either Dubai or India somewhere, We have to show drupal strength in Pakistan to conveyance them to come Dubai instead of India.

Please let me know if i can help you guys to manage any activity in kHI. you may inbox me aliya@yasglobal.com


@Kubair I will again with all

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@Kubair I will again with all of you to organize DrupalCamp here in Dubai.


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Murray & I are meeting today. I am based in Muscat, I am here for two days. Would it be possible to arrange a quick meet up today on short notice?

You could call me on +971 50 123 6518.

Kubair - waiting for your call!

Any talk on OpenScholar?

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Any talk on OpenScholar?

Drupal Meetup yesterday pictures

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keep it up

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Great khoomy, keep up the spirit high in Dubai as well.

Dates for the Drupal Meetup/Camp

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On the way back from Prague, i'm thinking of stopping by in Dubai for the Drupal Meetup/Camp if there is one. That would be 28 September. Is there something planning around the date?

I've been a speaker at DrupalCamp Singapore, and several Agile events / conferences in India. Speak largely on the business aspects of running a Drupal company.

If anyone here is interested in having me come over on the above date, or any other dates, please let me know.


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