South African looking for work in Europe

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Hi everybody,

My name is Henno Gous, and I am a qualified industrial engineer and Drupal web developer from South Africa. I will be moving to Europe with my wife in in March/April 2014 and I'm looking for work. The actual location where I find a job will probably determine where we move to... we're open for suggestions :)

I'm currently finishing my Ph.D in industrial engineering, focussing on innovation management. I have also worked as an internet strategist, business analyst and web developer over the last 6 years and I have extensive knowledge of the Drupal platform.

I am ideally suited to positions where I work to translate clients' complex business requirements to technical requirements that can be addressed with an online solution (especially one developed with Drupal). I am also an experienced Drupal site builder and I'm good at designing and implementing the information architecture, setting up complex views, as well as module and theme implementation.

I am confident that I can greatly contribute to a European digital agency as an internet strategist or business analyst. If your company is working on a Drupal-based platform for managing innovation (ideas to concepts, to products or services), then I'm probably one of the most qualified people in the world to get involved.

At the moment I speak English and Afrikaans as native languages, as well as some basic German. This can however be remedied if need be.

Hope to hear from you soon! e-mail address:


PS. My apologies for the slightly spammy nature of this post...


Hi Do you have a work permit?

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Do you have a work permit? What is/will be your Visa status?

Not yet...

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Not yet, as the country where I will apply for such a permit is still to be determined by where I find an employment offer. I am however confident that obtaining a work permit won't be an issue, given my qualifications and experience.

Oh, and South African citizens require visas to immigrate to most countries in the world.

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I have removed this message as we have continued this discussion through mail