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Drupal Developer | Insight Systems Corporation

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Full time

The Knowledge-Driven Agricultural Development (KDAD) Project is seeking an experienced Drupal Developer who can build content management and social networking websites that support U.S. Government clients and projects. The Drupal Developer will be responsible for the full development lifecycle of the sites. In some cases, the Developer will be solely responsible for building sites, and in others, he or she will collaborate with project staff, external consultants, or other contractors involved in the development process.

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South African looking for work in Europe

Hi everybody,

My name is Henno Gous, and I am a qualified industrial engineer and Drupal web developer from South Africa. I will be moving to Europe with my wife in in March/April 2014 and I'm looking for work. The actual location where I find a job will probably determine where we move to... we're open for suggestions :)

I'm currently finishing my Ph.D in industrial engineering, focussing on innovation management. I have also worked as an internet strategist, business analyst and web developer over the last 6 years and I have extensive knowledge of the Drupal platform.

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Newbie here. With a major offering.

Hi, My name is Jack Spivak. In Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Please check out this full featured and, so far, "unadvertised" drupal communities installation/platform, GrassrootsPower!!

Just got excited to see that Transition is thinking about drupal!

I'm joining your conversation for whatever I can offer/provide. Been working about 3 years already to put a robust Drupal offering together for groups/communities interested in doing productive work together. It is based on a social network backbone but has a purpose and interface with a decided workgroup flavor. It is specifically targeted at social, economic and environmental justice movements and includes some very novel concepts around automatic information sharing based on principles of knowledge ecosystems and communities of practice.

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Knowledge management system based on peer review


Overview: This proposal is about the development of a new system that enable users to manage opinions in an advanced way. It should become the evolution of bulletin boards (forums) and it will be developed to replace them.


  • Greg Knaddison

Difficulty: medium

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