Seeking help to investigate my D7 site and optimise

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I need help for my news site - a nonprofit venture - if I am using a bad theme (bad coding/loops) or a bad module.

After I upgraded to D7 a year back, the site became CPU hungry (or is it normal!)

- At this point we have a max of 15 articles posted per day.
- I have also disabled the default search.
- with .htacces, I have blocked bad referrers - which I suppose added extra load
- right now using the basic TMA theme
- reduced google news bot crawling rate
- I am also looking for a lowest (cost) possible, but high performance hosting.

Thank you! The attached screenshots will give a better idea. Suggestions highly appreciated.


--- In desparation and am even looking at I am also looking at this: -- perhaps exorting the whole thing into html, after each article/s addition!!
--- Also reading this -- BUT my site is multi-user
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Under load?

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Your site is very fast as I am looking, but you may have an issue with scaling under load.


Your first move should always be to avoid handing work to Drupal unless it's necessary. This means fronting your site with a cache so that anonymous traffic does not needlessly hit Drupal and the database. If your hosting does not provide for one (Pantheon, for example, does), you should consider, which caches complete pages in the filesystem, either on demand, or through use of a built-in crawler functionality. That may cure your problem completely.

If you have sufficient control over your host, you should make sure that it is running APC (PHP accelerator), and ideally you should move your cache tables into APC -- it's radically faster than the database. Memcached does the same thing, but is much more complicated to set up.

And the third big place to look is your database server performance. Tuning MySQL is a specialty but there often are simple improvements to be made after looking at the server logs.

Hope this helps.

My first time using memcache:

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My first time using memcache:

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