Trying out a new tool for surfacing good ideas

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It's been a pet peeve of mine for a long time that, while D.O and G.D.O have a lot of great ways to add ideas and discuss them there's really no efficient way of collectively prioritizing the ones we should focus our efforts on.

I have spent a lot of time trying out different tools that do this, as well as trying to design and build them. We may at some point reach a home-grown solution, but in the meantime I have found a very simple and effective tool that I'm trying out. It's called Tricider. I've posted an initial question here:

Give it a go and comment on the process back here.


Comments offers the same

Noyz's picture offers the same functionality. Not sure about this tool, but I know many product companies use uservoice to allow people outside their walls to:

A) add items to their roadmap
B) vote, and hence prioritize the roadmap.

Related, Drupal Commons planned to have such functionality in it - which was on planned to be piloted on GDO. Perhaps you should coordinate with Ezra Gildesgame.

Try procid

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Based on the title I assumed this would be about

I encourage folks to watch the video and then try it out! The future of decision making on d.o is already here :)

Can't get it to work

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Looks like Google has changed their approach to extensions. Apparently they can now only be installed form the Chrome web store so I can't try Procid unless it gets added there.

Looking at the screenshots in the git repo though, I can see that while it has some very interesting features, it doesn't really solve the problem I am trying to solve which is around ideation.

What I want is not a tool for evaluating ongoing work and arriving at consensus (though that is extremely important), but a tool for surfacing new ideas that have not yet been implemented and bringing the best ones to the top. This requires a few things that are quite different from the issue queue:

  1. A diverse audience that includes end users, content authors, administrators and site builders as well as developers and designers (I think we can agree that the D.O audience is not that diverse).

  2. A completely frictionless way to add ideas (The issue queue has 10 fields, many of them required, and you need to read the documentation carefully to even understand what they mean).

  3. A simple voting mechanism for bringing the best ideas to the top. (D.O has no such thing and even Procid, while better, is far from simple)

Tricider may not be the best of all possible solutions, but it is there and, unlike, it is free.

I'm on Version 31.0.1650.63

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I'm on Version 31.0.1650.63 on Mac and the installation process worked for me. I admit it's not as simple as going to the app store, but for something under active development I don't mind the extra effort.

I see your points and goals and agree they represent an important piece of work.


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I would also recommend that whatever tool we arrive at for introducing voting to the queue should be as effortless Tricider. The issues themselves are complex enough, managing them should be simpler.

Move a template from XHTML to do?

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Hi all, or hello world!

this is my first post. Dunnow how to open a new discussion but...

1)Is there a way to change this template: in a new one in html5?
2)Is possible to keep the same structure of the Urls?

The more is similar the more is good ;)



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