Drupaldojo.com videos moved or removed ?

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I am a beginner when it comes to drupal that's way i am always excited to see resources available... When i try to use this groups website: drupaldojo.com i am told that the videos were removed from blip... can i find them anywhere else ?


What happened to Dojo?

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About 2 months after nathanc posted that the Drupal Dojo videos (on drupaldojo.com) have been removed from Blip, they are still listed as links, but still unavailable. I am also new to Drupal, and what a great idea Drupal Dojo seemed when I first heard of it!


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@ajfwebdev : drupal dojo seems like a dead project now... what i ended up doing is learning drupal (i am still learning it) form buildamodule.com and drupalize.me... but if you dont want to pay the monthly subscription, there are always a ton of free drupal tutorials on youtube and other websites...

one website that i strongly encourage you to check out is drupalladder.org...

wish you the best...


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Thanks to nathanc and freescholar for the info and tips on where to get drupal training! With those links and the training I'm currently doing, there should be plenty of resources to get going with Drupal. My Drupal story so far: started by installing Aquia Drupal 7 on my laptop, and bringing up the basic site via IIS server. Then I read some intro documentation on drupal.org, and tried some basic things like creating a new content type, adding content, and creating menu blocks. Now I'm going through the O'Reilly book, "Programmer's Guide to Drupal" by Jennifer Hodgdon. That book (which aims at teaching Drupal 7 best coding practices for developers) pointed me to the Examples Project on drupal.org - An excellent resource for newbie Drupal developers! You can download and install the Examples modules, then enable each that you want to learn about. This way you can see the output of each module on your site, and look at the PHP code producing it, which is well documented to explain what each function does. Where some of the Examples code still seems perplexing, the related explanations in the O'Rielly book are filling the gaps.

Starting point

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The best assets for Drupal are on the Drupal.org site - albeit they can be hard to find. In this case - Google is your friend.
The best one I have found so far is - http://drupaltv.org/
and Exaltation of Larks have some great vids here:

Handbook on Platform Cooperativism, a movement building platforms and tools owned by the people. http://bit.ly/hackitownit

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