AMA (ask me anything) with Mike Haggerty of Trellon on Fundraising, Events and Advocacy with AbleOrganizer

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Hi everybody, I just wanted to announce that Mike Haggerty at Trellon will be presenting on AbleOrganizer, their community engagement platform, at tonight's Downtown Drupal Meetup and Webcast. Please join us!

   Fundraising, Events and Advocacy with AbleOrganizer by Mike Haggerty

Mike presented at GLADCamp (Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp) earlier this year. In case you missed it, this is your chance to get up to speed. Here's the AbleOrganizer website:

The Drupal Association hosted a webcast in February, 2014, where Trellon presented on AbleOrganizer:
   (skip to 3:45 to jump in after the webcast preamble)

"Using Drupal as a platform for fundraising and advocacy usually means having to integrate with several third-party systems. Beyond the expense, this creates situations that make it hard to get a complete picture of your constituency."


The presentations tonight

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The presentations tonight start at 8pm. If tuning in remotely, please be sure to download the Zoom video conferencing software in advance:

If anyone has questions for Mike about AbleOrganizer, please post them here in the comments or send them to @GLADrupal on Twitter.

zoom conference #

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Do we have the conference number for Zoom?

Fund link under other link on page, sorry

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314 665 870

Many thanks to Mike at

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Many thanks to Mike at Trellon for presenting tonight on AbleOrganizer!

We had a couple more questions that seemed to veer off into the tech lands of Drupal and Mike graciously agreed to host an AMA (ask me anything) here in this discussion thread.

Does anyone have any questions about AbleOrganizer? How it integrates or builds on CRM Core? Or how it can be used by organizations for their events or fundraising?

Mike Haggerty has offered to

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Mike Haggerty has offered to host an AMA (ask me anything) about AbleOrganizer! Check out the discussion thread at

It's currently the number #1 post on Drupal Groups.

In the meantime, one of the topics that came up tonight is the release date of Drupal 8. Check out the post at where mparker17 says:

In the past week, we've fixed 9 critical issues and 22 major issues, and opened 4 criticals and 35 majors. That puts us overall at 104 release-blocking critical issues and 656 major issues.

That's 104 release-blocking issues. Anyone who knows me knows that 104 is my lucky number, so this is kismet! Anyone who's interested in Drupal 8 should definitely follow the Drupal Core group at  

The video of last night's

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The video of last night's presentation is now available:

Enjoy! Please post any questions here in the comments for Mike's AMA on AbleOrganizer.