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Hi! I am a complete newby to to this. I've installed Drupal, have set up a landing page exposed to the internet, created a user ... the basics.
What I am aiming for is a home page visible on the internet, but all other pages are hidden, available only to those users who have logged in through the Drupal login screen.
Is there a way of doing this within the core Drupal that does not require programming? I was assuming that I could assign roles to users and restrict page visibility to those logged in users who have the appropriate assigned role.
Please Help !!!! What is the simplest method for implementing a simple, password protected solution? Thanks!


front module

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Honestly... as a new user, load the front module....

It will do what you described. If you run into more feature needs ask direct short 1 line questions per item/use case going forward. That will make the questions easier to answer directly and accurately.

description of project front?

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I want users to come to the home page, log in, and then they have access to all other pages below the home. But anyone else can only see the home page. The description for "project front" doesn't suggest that it does this ??? Am I missing something?

yes you are missing something...

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...load it and configure it. The module has admin configuration, you can base it on roles... you can redirect anonymous roles back to the same page regardless of where they try and go... and you can send logged in various roles to authenticated pages.

Try the module - use it - configure it, if it does not do EXACTLY what you want try again or give up and ask direct short numbered questions that can be answered with a shorter answer for each... make your questions bulleted in one liners... think as if YOU had to answer these questions...

In other words...

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...use the user login page as your "home page"

or use any page as your home page...

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with a login user block on the same page...

Also when looking at modules...

redhatmatt's picture are thinking about using look at the usage stats on the module, the issue queue activity, the last commit... that sort of thing, it will generally tell you something about the maturity and upkeep of the module. I've used this module quite a bit and it's pretty solid.

In addition to these tips also look at the bottom right as far as "Related Projects" they may hold an even closer module capability to what you are after - just be sure to weigh the modules maturity.

Everything on as far as contrib (3rd party developer CONTRIBUTED modules and themes) modules and themes are always at the URL pattern of or - someone showed me that many years ago, very helpfule to just go directly to some projects URL vs multiple steps through searching.

Thanks for all that !

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Thanks! (short enough !!!)

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