Service Module and REST: 404 Not found

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Hello! I hope that this is the right place.

I strictly followed this guide. The REST Server is activated. I try to access http://localhost/rest/user/token.json (the Drupal installation is at localhost) via the Firefox REST Easy Add-On. No success. It always gives me a "404 Not Found" error.

Under the "Resources" Tab of the Service Module configuration, all resources are enabled. What am I doing wrong?


Hi, When calling "services"

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When calling "services" you must use "POST" method.
I've just tested it under "Rest Console" with Chrome and it's ok. I obtained successfully a new token.
For security reason Drupal seems to respond a 404 error instead on 403 (not authorized) or 400 (bad request).

Otherwise Have you tried to enable the service which is provided with commerce akeneo module ?

The Commerce Akeneo module

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The Commerce Akeneo module has absolutely nothing to do with the original question.

My fault. Sorry, but the

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My fault. Sorry, but the answer is the same, you should "POST" to obtain a token.


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Alternatively you can use a GET on ?q=services/session/token to retrieve the X-CSRF-Token.

Already did this?

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@Sebastien I guess this is what I already did. Still no token. Look at the screenshot (note that I changed the site's local domain to drupaltest, which should not matter).

As @Sebastien points out, you

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As @Sebastien points out, you should you POST rather than GET. I'd also recommend testing with security disabled first.

Tried that

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@nakeddesign I tried it both, with POST and GET (plus the query). Sorry, the screenshot is a bit confusing.

What do you mean with "security disabled"?

You should test by setting

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You should test by setting those headers in the request:

Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json

Doesn't work.

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@Sebastien: Tried that. No chance. See the screenshot.

issue with services module

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Hi guys,
I was hopping I can find some assistance here, I'm trying to implemet commerce_akeneo using services. I've set up the akeneo module and servies on the akeneo platform I'm trying to export products initially but when I hit export it's failling with an error:

Client error response
[status code] 403
[reason phrase] : Access denied for user anonymous
[url] my_site/akeneo/user/token

So basically this url is failling for anonymous users even if I give permissions to all services for anonymous users

Can you give an advice?