OpenPublish 2.1 Released

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OpenPublish 2.1 is out:

Release Notes:

  • Extensive RDFa Support.
  • PHP 5.3 is now supported (5.2.x. still the recommended version, though)
  • Significant improvements in theme design: cleaned-up page-front.tpl.php, custom layouts, context-based layouts, improved context editing.
  • Improved image handling - better re-use of uploaded images, URL-based fetching of images, extended support of image cropping.
  • Fixed IE issues with too many CSS files referenced.
  • Improved content sharing widget.
  • New: Two-level primary menu
  • Updates and patches for: Drupal core, Admin, CTools, CCK, Context, EMField, Features, FileField, GMap, ImageField, Panels, Views.
  • Numerous bug-fixes.

Update instructions from 2.0 to 2.1 are already available at:


I cant access the update

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I cant access the update instructions.
The message: "You are not authorized to access this page"

Oops sorry for that. Should

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Oops sorry for that. Should be ok now. Thanks for letting us know.



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Everything is ok, but I didnt find the OP Context module to enable it:(

It's op_contexts (plural).

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It's op_contexts (plural). It's a Feature module so you can also enable it from Features, rather than modules list.



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Any live examples? I'd love to see how the new menus work.

Unfortunately no. Not

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Unfortunately no. Not yet.

But why don't you download and install? :) Fresh install comes with a sample menu structure.


That's the Plan

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That's the plan. I've already downloaded 2.1 and just waiting for some free time to unleash it on my dev domain.

There is something wrong

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There is something wrong somewhere regarding the op_contexts. I've upgraded and got the following errors (very less compared to upgrade from 1.7 to 2.0)

FileField Sources is already enabled.                                    
There were no modules that could be enabled

Module op_contexts was not found and will not be enabled.                 [error]
There were no modules that could be enabled.                              [ok]
An error occurred at function : drush_pm_enable    

And now my frontpage has nothing. Clearly the context is missing.

Are you sure that the following steps are correct? (as mentioned in the upgrade instruction):

Manually delete the folder sites/all/modules/context/context_contrib.
Manually delete all the files under the folder: sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/contexts

In addition, no features can be restored to default. It gives a message that it is restored, but actually not. The op_contexts feature is also not there in the feature list.

Frontpage context was

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Frontpage context was disabled for some reason. Now i've enabled it and the frontpage articles are showing up. But there are some css issues on the frontpage for sure. I will see how far I can go without asking for help. :)

Are you able to see

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Are you able to see op_contexts in the list of Features? Can you enable it as a feature (vs. a module)?


No, its not there :(

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No, its not there :(

Where is it physically located?

Should be under

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Should be under openpublish_features.

I will do some more tests later today and get back to you. Sorry for that.


I looked for the folder

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I looked for the folder op_contexts in openpublish_features, its not there. Thanks.

I don't see it either, but

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I don't see it either, but the upgraded site seems to be running just fine. I just casually skipped that op_contexts business and moved on.

I cannot either

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I cannot see it either. :)


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I just installed a fresh 2.1 on my dev subdomain and as one who has harped loudly about the lack of drop-down menus, I have to take my hat off to the folks at Phase 2. The menus are better than I'd expected. The individual pages are much better designed; no need to get rid of that add-this button, plus the inclusion of a nice "print" icon to replace the previous text was well thought-out. The addition of social-networking buttons was also a nice addition.

The front page is cleaner. On the back-end, much of the OP-specific items are now features, which is great. I'll need to go live to check out if any noticeable changes were made to the internals. All-and-all a worthy update.

Thank you. Such warm words

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Thank you. Such warm words from one of the old-time OP users mean a lot.


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I had two banner advertisements rotating and now both of them are up there at the same time.
Not good.

Some of your context

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Some of your context customizations may have gotten broken during merge with the update. Double check your context settings.


Where is OPContext?

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Have the same problem with a fresh 2.1-installation...


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New context ,... took me a few minutes to figure out how to play with it ...
Irakli, it seems the theme hasn't changed.
Can you look at this and tell me if this is how it is supposed to work:

Photo Galleries?

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How did you accomplish your photo galleries?

I use gallery assist

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It worked great until recently. I am starting over with my galleries ... This is the best yet that I've found, because I often have to upload 200 to 400 photos into a single gallery. And this allows good, simple bulk uploading.

Your menu looks "broken". I

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Your menu looks "broken". I think the problem is that you have too many items on the first level and it wraps. You should try to limit number of menus on the first level so it fits on one line.


Wow. This sounds unbelievable

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Wow. This sounds unbelievable but...

Apparently some freakish thing in release generator decided to omit op_contexts when generating downloadables, during the last build (117). It was there in 114, no significant code change. Random freakiness. I just re-ran the build to make it appear and it did.

You can download new version of openpublish_features ( and replace existing one with that one. You should have op_contexts after that which you will be able to enable from modules or features.

I am going to release new full build too, soon.

Sorry for that!


It now shows up in the

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It now shows up in the Features list, but I cannot enable it. Underneath it, in read color font, it reads, "incompatible with op_author". Now that's another issue.

Do you have any suggestions, irakli, why the features cannot be reverted back to default? It just not working here.

Having been using OP since version 1.5, I am kind of getting unhappy as time goes by. I did not want to express any frustration, but its going to the wrong direction at my end. Is there any way we can just the use a fresh build while importing the data (article/author/users). Is that something feasible?

Thanks for your hard work, much appreciated.

Full cache clear?

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Sorry if it is a stupid question, but did you clear cache? op_author used to manage one of the contexts that is now being managed by op_contexts but the new version of op_authors should not be managing that context, so cache clear should resolve the problem.

Regarding somewhat bumpy updates: It's probably not worth to go into excruciating details but a short version is:

  1. We spend a lot of time and effort to make updates smoother. We thoroughly test generic scenarios ourselves. Soon after a release of each new version, we work closely with the community, on this group, to resolve any issues in any use-cases we might have missed.

  2. We work closely with the maintainers of third-party modules used in OpenPublish to help them resolve bugs that cause bumpy updates.

  3. We need to be very aggressive in innovation, because OpenPublish is still very young and it has long way to go. We have to be at the cutting edge of what's possible in Drupal. That comes with a price. For instance, while 2.0 to 2.1 update seems like a minor version change, in reality there have been enormous architectural changes under the hood. Context was upgraded from 2.x branch to 3.x branch. That's a very painful upgrade, but it bring context layouts, much better Context administration user-interface. In-place context visualization + editing and many, many other powerful tools. These tools more than pay off for some pain during update, in the long run.


Thanks a lot for your

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Thanks a lot for your comments. I always appreciate you (and Phase 2 members) r efforts. Sometime we, end users, expect more than we get for free. However, I always try things first before asking for help. Yes the cache was cleared but as you clarified, it seems to me that there is something wrong, may be in my end.

I will try again and keep posted.

OP v. 2.1 build 119 was just

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OP v. 2.1 build 119 was just released and should fix op_contexts problem.

Thank you


Webpage is not available

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Fresh installation using build 119. Install went well without any errors. However cannot see the home page. "Webpage is not available".

Can access the admin pages. Any help would be appreciated.


What do you see when you

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What do you see when you access "admin/build/context"?


For my install, it is empty.

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For my install, it is empty.

That means you are missing

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That means you are missing op_contexts or it is not enabled. Download latest and enable op_contexts feature.


OpenPublish Theme is crashing Apache

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I do have acquia-drupal-win-1.2.24 on windows 7 64-bit and OpenPublish 2.0 running on it for 2 months with Apache crashing ~ 1 time in every two days. Fresh installation of build 119 went with no errors. Call for any page with OpenPublish Theme is crashing Apache. Admin Rubik Theme allows to display pages from both areas - admin and non-admin. And OP Contexts 6.x-1.14 is enabled.

Thank you.

I am assuming you are using

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I am assuming you are using Internet Explorer to access the site? Please make sure that ie_css_optimizer module is installed and make sure Optimize CSS Files setting is set to "Partial optimization for theme CSS development" at /admin/settings/performance


It's actually known problem on Windows

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Thank you Irakli,

For your suggestion, unfortunately it was a Firefox. There is a known problem of Apache stability on Windows (php5ts.dll apache crash) unless it's configured to use mod_fcgid. I'm trying to configure Apache with mod_fcgid - will let you know of results.


Thanks. To be completely

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Thanks. To be completely honest, none of OP developers run OP on a Windows server so we rely on whatever Drupal has for compatibility. It will be very interesting to learn what you find out.

Thank you.


Here are some of my achivements

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Freshly installed OP 2.1 works with no errors/problems so far under this setup as well as older installation of OP 2.0.

I found that Apache-PHP on Windows is better to be used as Apache from "Apache Lounge" + PHP 5.2 (VC9 better, but not available for PHP 5.2, so use VC6) x86 Non Thread Safe version with latest mod_fcgid from "Apache Lounge" (

I followed few articles and comments:
How to Install Apache Web Server on Windows

How to Install PHP on Windows

Do install PHP 5.2 as per this "How to Install PHP 5.3 on Windows"

Plus readme.txt from mod_fcgid-2.3.5-win32-x86(2).zip

Then I did compare php.ini settings with OP 2.0 and added some to the new php.ini.
Also I added these lines to mod_fcgid configuration in httpd.conf as per,
as I was getting the same fcgi timeout error:
BusyTimeout 10800
ProcessLifeTime 10800
IPCConnectTimeout 20
IPCCommTimeout 10800
MaxRequestsPerProcess -1

Irakli, may be we should make some Windows specific chapter in OP documentation to help those struggling with making OP run on Windows. I have some more info/experience to share and could make a few pharagraphs together with sample php.ini, httpd.conf and httpd-vhosts.conf (Virtual hosts).

Thank you,

Similar issue

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I am seeing the same thing. I have gotten a little further. op_context exists and is enabled. All of the appropriate modules and features are enabled to the default settings. All Functions are enabled in default. The front page does not display, browser says connection reset by server.

I found that this only happens with the OpenPublish theme. I loose all the OpenPublish features.

Any ideas?


Same: site does not load with OP theme

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Paul - I'm in the same boat. Have rolled back and tried again with all non-core modules disabled but with no luck. Other themes seem to work OK (eg Garland). It is looking like I'll need to do a clean 2.1 install and manually migrate content, taxonomy, settings etc ;-(
Would love to hear if you find a solution.

Is this feature problem only

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Is this feature problem only appearing with people upgrading, or should everyone (I'm planning a fresh site, only importing older articles) download and install the new build?

Off topic question: How do

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Off topic question:

How do you import articles? Can you import authors/users also?

Context Page with all of them enabled

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I can see the context page with all of them enabled. OPDetailed Page, OP General, OP Listing Page.

I tried to create a test article entry and preview before save. However it errored out with below error.

warning: include(./sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/op-related-terms.tpl.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\opublish\includes\ on line 1066.
warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening './sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/op-related-terms.tpl.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;C:\xampp\php\pear\') in C:\xampp\htdocs\opublish\includes\ on line 1066.



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I get this too. A whole slough of errors saying that .tpl.php files are missing from "./sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/", even though when I look at my install of OP, and at a fresh install just downloaded, there aren't any .tpl.php files under "openpublish_core".

I can't figure out what broke with 2.1 to make it look for a class of files that didn't and doesn't come in the install to begin with?

Question: Do I have to do the whole reinstall process

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to install the context that was missing?

No, just download and install

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No, just download and install the latest openpublish_features module from


Upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1

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I've just upgraded to 2.1 once again. Things went smooth. However, I can't revert the overridden features to default. This is what I am trying to fix now. On another note, the titles of my posts are not showing up on the frontpage. This is probably connected to overridden features. Lets see how far it goes.

If anyone has any idea, please share with me. Thanks in advance.


Sounds like a problem with

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Sounds like a problem with the latest Features. Let me run some tests and get back to you. Can you please let me know which features (and what components in them, which you can see if you click on "overriden") are overriden?



The following are the list of

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The following are the list of features and their components that cannot be reverted to default. It is mostly "strongarm" that is mainly causing problem. Other features are disabled (I don't use them)

op_article: CCK, strongarm
op_audio: strongarm
op_author: contexts
op_blog: strongarm
op_defaults: strongarm
op_image: CCK, strongarm
op_imagecrop_config: strongarm
op_IMCE_config: strongarm
op_Misc: strongarm
op_slideshow: strongarm
op_videos: strongarm

Thanks. Let me look into that

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Thanks. Let me look into that and get back to you.


Can you, please, manually

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Can you, please, manually download the latest openpublish_features ( and replace your openpublish_features with it + run update.php and full clear cache?

Also please make sure that it's not some permission problem where unpack does not replace existing openpublish_features.

Just a sanity check, but we are continuing the tests, too.

Thank you much.


Ive correctly

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Ive correctly copied/overwritten the files and folders.

I noticed some problem with the version of the features in In my sites/all/modules/openpublish_features/

Of the enabled features, only op_contexts shows 6.x-1.14
All others are showing 6.x-1.11.

I've checked the versions of those features manually, and they are copied correctly. for example shows 6.x-1.14 shows 6.x-1.14 shows 6.x-1.14

and possibly others too

I don't know why my drupal is showing them as 6.x-1.11 (!!)

Very strange. I now understand that its the problem at my end, not the OP.

FYI: Cacheing is disabled at the moment.

Any suggestions?

I am pretty sure this

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I am pretty sure this indicates that you have openpublish_features in two locations under the same Drupal (kinda "installed twice") and Drupal is actually serving most of its modules from one location except op_contexts which is not present in that location so it is serving op_contexts from the new location.

Run a search if you have shell, on, or if you have access to the database, look into the table called system and look at the path for op_author module, it should tell you where Drupal is actually loading the corresponding module from.


You are correct!

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WOW irakli, you are absolutely correct!! But how was it possible??? There were another instance of features with the name openpublish_features6x1.4

I removed that and edited the database manually to fix the path. Now all but op_image feature is reverted to default. In op_image feature, the CCK field is showing as "overridden".

Anyway, I am now happy with what I have. And thanks a million for your clue. So I guess I was giving you the needful information regarding the version of those features ;)

Very glad it worked out and

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Very glad it worked out and and happy that one of the oldest OpenPublish users has regained confidence in OP :)

By the way - thank you much for being active on this group and often helping others with your rich OpenPublish experience. It is both noted and very much appreciated.



Few similar troubles with Features

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I'm having something similar: Event, Misc and Resource features indicate they have been overwritten. I go into them, click the overwritten component (views), hit "Revert Components" and it returns confirmation message. Eg Reverted all views components for op_event. However the detail still indicates that it is overwritten (??). Any ideas?

Not sure if it is related but I am also getting a Feature error message that op_advuser_config and op_scheduler_config are not compatible with op_defaults. Did I miss something when doing this upgrade? Are they all supposed to be enabled?

Main concern right now is that both and are returning an error (which chrome is saying is Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.).

I've tried all of this in both Firefox, IE and Chrome without luck. Did the suggested redownload of Feature module and have cleared cache + run update each time. Can confirm OP download was 2.1-119.

Would welcome any ideas on this one.


Can you confirm that the

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Can you confirm that the features are actually copied? What is the version number of those feature you see in the features management page? They should all be 6.x-1.14

Interestingly, yesterday I modified one view, and today I see that some of the features are showing as "Overridden". If I revert them back, the views config also gets lot. This is kind of expected, but needs to be fixed in later releases. I've created an issue in the Issue queue.

Thanks stattler. The features

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Thanks stattler.

The features all have the correct version number (ie 6.x-1.14).

I've had a look at the logs and get a lot of errors relating to "View name Resources is already taken" and the same for Misc and Events view names. Coincidentally, these are the Features with overridden Views that I have not been able to reset. Could I have a duplicate somewhere?

I have now successfully updated my site to 2.1

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I have now successfully updated my site to 2.1. thank-you for your quick follow-up to these issues. The only thing I don't see is the twitter pull block (right sidebar on homepage), was it removed from the code?

Twitter pull used to be a

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Twitter pull used to be a hardcoded PHP snippet in page-front.tpl.php

Page-front.tpl.php was cleaned-up to make everything a block in corresponding regions. You should be able to bring twitter pull block back from the appropriate context. Let me know if you continue to have a problem.


Gotta say, I'm having trouble

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Gotta say, I'm having trouble finding this block anywhere. :( What's the actual block name?

Please explain how to make block with twitter pull code

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Hi Irakli,

Could you (or somebody else) please explain the proper way to create and then add twitter pull block to the home page in OP 2.1?
Also in OP 2.0 for some reason only newer tweets are getting pulled and older once are not :(
Is this problem fixed for 2.1? If not is it somehow possible to make it work the way it should, please?


I'm glad the twitter block is gone

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I used poormanschron to make the twitter thing work and it killed my galleries and about 50 hours of work.

This is a Dumb Question, But...

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How do I publish articles to the front page? I created an article, selected promote to front page, but it doesn't appear. There were no errors, the front page is just blank.

Is it a fresh installation or

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Is it a fresh installation or an upgrade? Are you using a sub-theme or openpublish_theme?


Dumb Question Answered

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I answered my dumb question by upgrading to the latest build, which included the contexts. Now the familiar items are back in place and I've gone live with the update. A few impressions:

  • I like the new context inspector; it puts the two most-often edited contexts (sitewide and listingpages) on the main admin menu.
  • I like the removal of the Twitter Pull from the front page.
  • The homepage article view by default is only granular to day, for busy sites such as ours, that needs to drop down to hour.

Now I have to return to customization; I notice both the single page and footer displays the phase 2 logo. I'd like to remove at least one of those.

Thanks. Good point about

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Thanks. Good point about article view date granularity. Will fix that right away.


Featured Article View Needs Extra Filter

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Another small item, but one that gives editors even more gray hair: the default featured article view doesn't filter for promoted to front page. Naturally, you want the featured item on the front page to only display articles promoted to the front page.

Open Publish core out of date?

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So I had the prior version of open Publish running fine, and updated from 2.0 to 2.1 using build 119 today. First I found all the same problems as above but after updating the Op features module from the Drupal project page that fixed the items above. But then I noticed my reports said I had Open Publish core out of date. Indeed it was 1.15. So it seems that 1.15 is in the 119 build while 1.16 is on the project page? Is that intentional?

So then I upgraded to Open Publish core 1.16. But then all my admin menus disappeared. Not sure what is going on.

Any ideas?

I have to say, while this is a fabulous distribution and free is great, it would be good if the new build were marked beta or something if it has this many issues. Sorry to complain though. I love it.

It is 1.6, not 1.5

stattler's picture

I have two sites running OP. I upgraded to OP 2.1 and I can conform that the version of Openpublish_core module is 1.6. There must be some problem somewhere other than in the build. Double check if the folders were actually overwritten and there is only one instance of openpublish_core folder in your sites module directory.

On a side note all but the node-relationships module has the latest version.

I've checked information of openpublish_core module and found the following:

; $Id:,v 1.1 2009/12/01 23:41:36 inadarei Exp $
name = OpenPublish Core
description = "Provide core functionality and helpers for OpenPublish"
core = 6.x
package = OpenPublish
dependencies[] = views
; Information added by packaging script on 2010-07-15
version = "6.x-1.16"
core = "6.x"
project = "openpublish_core"
datestamp = "1279192509"

Verify yourself by opening the file sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/

The version of

irakli's picture


the version of openpublish_core included in the download of build 119 is 6.x-1.16. You can check in the file under the module directory. Something must be wrong with the way it is installed, like sTattler noted.

You have a fair point about marking releases with "beta". However, we prefer to subscribe to the philosophy of "release early, release often" and then iterate very quickly with the community to clean-up any glitches. Such approach has been proved more effective in open-source, time and time again. As you can see from the discussions on this thread most problems were fixed in a matter of hours.

The approach we take is common in open-source. Drupal core follows the same approach. After the initial release of a major version Drupal core is never marked with "beta" or "RC". There is no Drupal 1.15 beta or Drupal 1.17RC. The only time Drupal core uses "alpha", "beta" or "RC" is during first months of new major release, when they publish downloadable and have a list of known (!) critical bugs on the issue queue. This was not the case for us.

Also to be completely fair, every OpenPublish release goes through weeks worth of testing and debugging involving professional QA specialists. The most critical problem on this thread was caused by a freak problem/glitch in's packaging script that omitted one of the modules for no good reason. Such freak errors are hard to catch because we expect build scripts to not introduce bugs (since they are automated and repeatable). Either way, we are sorry for the problem, but the best we can do in such cases is fix it timely and release a new build ASAP, which is exactly what we did.

Thank you for using OpenPublish and sharing your thoughts.


Another (dumb?) question

entrepreneur27's picture

Thank you for the above. It seems somehow my updating of all the modules left a few things incorrect. Not sure why, but the above advice allowed me to fix everything.

But now I am stuck again. I have 3 topic hubs. I created them from the hot topic screen and that worked beautifully. Now I want to edit the Overview panel. I found an earlier post (that would not let me comment on it) that said you click on the panel content tab and edit the content of "overview" there.

I can find that. And when I click on it I can indeed see the default content under the "overview" heading. But for the life of me I cannot see any "edit" function or ability to change what is written there.

Probably I am being dumb again. Please help.

Problem installing from scratch

pcoleman's picture

I have tried installing from scratch. The installation works fine, but when I try to access the new site, the server resets the connection. The 2.0 site I am working on still works fine. I have installed several times with the same result.

It could be the same problem

gennadiy's picture

Please read this branch up on this very page: Webpage is not available.
Did spend some more time with good results. Hurrah!
This post supposed to be reply to Problem installing from scratch from pcoleman.

Has anyone run into this problem?

fk77388's picture

Beginning with fresh install and upon adding content as an article and pressing save, only the article title shows up with the name of author plus Related Terms and Google video below content. When I press preview, I get the following error message:

"* warning: include(./sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/op-related-terms.tpl.php) [function.include]: 

failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/econtent/public_html/includes/ on line 1066.
"* warning: include(./sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/op-related-terms.tpl.php)
[function.include]: failed to open stream:
No such file or directory in /home/econtent/public_html/includes/ on line 1066.
"* warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening './sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/op-related-terms.tpl.php'
for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php')
in /home/econtent/public_html/includes/ on line 1066."

the file op-related-terms.tpl.php is not available under ./sites/all/modules nor is it available at ./sites/all/themes/openpublish

I am running the latest openpublish (including the theme) with up to date modules according to the update report.

Regarding only title being

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Regarding only title being showed up, did you add some content in the Teaser field? OP does not automatically show the teaser if that field is left blank when you create the article.

Regarding the warning, please tell me the physical path of your site on your server.

Regarding title and path

fk77388's picture

I added both content (text and image) and Teaser.

Open Publish is installed in following path is: home/econtent/public_html

Thanks for this quick response.

Which file is calling ...

fk77388's picture

Which file(s) is calling "op-related-terms.tpl.php"?

This file is located at: /sites/all/themes/openpublish_theme/components/
and all I want to do is edit the file that is calling it from the wrong location.

I started with the first file complaining /includes/
then to files: modules/system/page.tpl.php and

Then within openpublish_core, openpublish_features and openpublish_theme folders in /site/all/,,,
Anyway, I couldn't find the file calling op-related-terms.tpl.php. Any ideas?

File that calling op-related-terms.tpl.php

gennadiy's picture

It's this file \sites\all\modules\openpublish_core\openpublish_core.module calling for "op-related-terms" as a 'template' => 'op-related-terms' if this will help you.


fk77388's picture

Thanks gennadiy.This helped a lot.

OP_CONTEXT / Front page Problems On Fresh Install

UB's picture

I've been trying to get a fresh install of 2.1/119 up and running, and over and over run into problems similar to others have mentioned in this thread.

Each time I start with a fresh install, at first everything seems fine, in terms of content showing up on the front page, and not getting warnings like mentioned above about "./sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/op-related-terms.tpl.php".

My first move is always then to look at the updates required page, and begin upgrading modules. Each time I get all the modules up to date, according to the Status page, I then find that test articles promoted to the front page no longer appear, and there is a slough of warnings suddenly on any page regarding files not located, related to "./sites/all/modules/openpublish_core/op-related-terms.tpl.php".

After doing it all again, stopping to test after upgrading each module that needs updating, its clear that updating OP_FEATURES causes several of the problems that people are writing about above.

Before updating it, test posts appear on the front page, the default ads appear as they should, OP_CONTEXTS is listed among FEATURES, and all features are version 6.x-1.14.

After updating OP_FEATURES to the recommended update-page-recommended version (@ 7pm EST / Aug 4), running UPDATE.PHP and clearing the cache, promoted content no longer displays on the front page, none of the default ads that come with OP display at all, and OP_CONTEXT is no longer listed among FEATURES at all, and all the other features now show version 6.x-1.15.

(Also updating OPENPUBLISH DEFAULT THEME has no effect).

All Drupal requirements are met, I'm running a number of other Drupal installations and desperately trying to convert over to OpenPublish.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'm debuggered!

Thanks for your time and effort,

My first move is always then

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My first move is always then to look at the updates required page, and begin upgrading modules. Each time I get
all the modules up to date, according to the Status page,..

Are you not aware of this

My first move is always then

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Ah, no I wasn't! I find it hard to pull together all of the disparate pieces of crucial info around the Drupal sites, so this is helpful!

I see that CONTEXT is among those I shouldn't upgrade, but doing so didn't seem to affect anything or cause errors. But I suppose it could have affect how the OP_FEATURES module later did things, and screwed things up? It seemed like the symptoms I was seeing were all mentioned by other people in this thread as problems in different incarnations of their own setups, I thought maybe I'd found a common factor.

I appreciate the nod, I'll try another fresh install and omit updating those modules.

Is there a mechanism for keeping track of all of this? I mean, regularly one must update modules in general, and it sounds like within regular releases of OP will be different 3rd-party modules they've patched, so in future months and years, is there any correlation between OP version, versions of 3rd-party modules that it requires and need to be updated that aren't patched, and those that are required and are patched?

Thanks for taking your time to reply!

What I do myself is update

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What I do myself is update other third party modules not on the "patched module" list. I had no problem so far. I only update the patched modules when they release a new build.

OP_CONTEXT / Front page Problems On Fresh Install

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...But I'm bummed to report that the symptoms are exactly the same even if I carefully don't update modules on the patch list (

(Which is that installing 2.1/119 from scratch, and updating only the modules requiring it which aren't on that list works fine, until I update module openpublish_features to most recent [and run update.php and clear cache of course), and then suddenly promoted content doesn't show on the front page, all the example ads disappear from front page, and OP_CONTEXT disappears from under FEATURES.)

Off to do another fresh install to look for a pattern, and very much appreciate any other thoughts you might have.


I myself did not update the

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I myself did not update the features module; may be that is causing the problems. I would wait till a new version of OP is released with all the updates (features, themes etc.).

PHP 5.3.2 support

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Trying a fresh install with PHP Version 5.3.2-1 (ubuntu4.2) i get the well known error:

Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in /var/www/op/includes/ on line 926

Is PHP Version 5.3.2 supported or i have to downgrade to PHP 5.2 ?

thanks !

Drupal does not support 5.3

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Not all modules support 5.3 at this time. I am unsure of what ones in the OP install doesn't, but i am going to assume some of them don't. See for more info

Getting items to show up in the map in topic hubs

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I am not sure how to get the items to show up in the map in topic hubs.

I don't see that the location module is installed.

Can someone help me figure out how items are displayed on the map?

Organizing Vocab terms on node output

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Getting very pleased by OpenPublish, have a largish site 90% converted to it from straight Drupal, and excited to be in the home stretch toward becoming an "old OP timer"!

I'm frustrated by a detail that's important to me, which I was able to accomplish with straight Drupal, and would appreciate any thoughts from a better wizard than I am (as I'm not, just an old-school programmer from the dark days of the 70s and 80s).

I need vocabularies to be displayed individually, rather than just as a long list of all applicable vocabulary terms on each node, and have used the ideas behind this excellent tutorial:

...with great success before (rebuilding $TERMS to display each vocabulary name, and its terms, separately on node display).

I see that OP uses "components/op-related-terms.tpl.php" to output terms, and have been trying to apply her techniques to OP with no success.

Obviously OP handles terms in too-differently a way for her technique of putting a preprocessor into TEMPLATE.PHP to work. I've spent a bunch of time trying to change the code in OP-RELATED-TERMS.TPL.PHP to accomplish this, and clearly something is over my head about how OP is handling terms.

Anyone have a moment to suggest the approach I should look toward to accomplish this re-ordering of vocabulary displays on nodes in OP?

Thank you very much for your time, and to the OP folks that put the time into support.


Need Help with OPen Publish Versus DrupalCommons

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Hi there,

I have a project I am doing that is a labor of love. A labor because I am not a coder. I am a designer and I am going to install either DrupalCommon - which needs so much help to configure and skin - or OpenPublish, which does not have the features but seems robust in other ways. Can I use them both? Does anyone know?

I am also hoping to find a volunteer who loves Yosemite National Park and wants to help on a youth leadership project with several amazing community organizations.

thank you!

AmesEla (please wright me if you have the answer)