zengine starter blueprint grid theme

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hi all
I have made a starter theme for people wanting to use Google's blueprint css layout.

I made it with zengine for 5.7.

download it at:


it may need the ie.css added with the if ie hack but the layout looks good as it is in ie6.

all the best and thanks for you help (by helping drupal). And podcasts (jeff)!




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Just update basic.tar.gz so the header is full width.
so just download again

I have made a starter theme

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I have made a starter theme for people wanting to use Google's blueprint css layout.

I'm pretty sure Blueprint is just hosted by Google Code, not actually made by Google themselves. :)

I've never used a grid-based CSS framework, myself, as it never really seemed necessary. But for anyone interested in them, some others you might look into are Boilerplate, which seems to be sort of a stripped-down Blueprint, Yahoo Grids CSS, which I'm pretty sure is made by Yahoo, and LogicCSS.

any recent updates?

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oo cool! Blueprint looks so easy to use. are you working on updating this for the newest version of Zen?


URLgreyhot, who is also a Drupal developer, created Photoshop templates for site design based on the Blueprint CSS (he has illustrator templates available too)

cool thanks heather

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cool thanks heather

yes I'm looking in to in now watch this space (or I'll email you)

Subscribing, interested in

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Subscribing, interested in this too.


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Is this really the accepted way to "subscribe" to a thread?


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Ich auch

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Hi all,
I have updated the css and it works with zen now. I am hoping we can all help with a css library:


log in:
FTP Username: toesidea@happyhosting.org
Password: hi8whp
FTP Server: happyhosting.org
FTP Server Port: 21

it's in

and please feel free to update or upload you version.

or if you just like to try it out: