Zen Task Force

The Zen theme aims to be the ultimate standards-compliant starting theme for Drupal. The name is an homage to the CSS Zen Garden and its aim to completely redefine the look of a site purely through CSS.

This group seeks to solidify the Zen theme to make sure that it is truly pliable, flexible, and adaptable. We will also discuss and implement improvements and future directions for this theme framework and for Drupal theming in general.

You can also find some of us hanging out in the #drupal-design IRC chatroom.

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Call for Sessions: Design 4 Drupal, Boston 23-25 JUNE 2017 at MIT

Open for Sessions Submit your talk here.


Design 4 Drupal, Boston is an annual web design event covering all aspects of design, UX, & theming for Drupal websites.

Back at MIT this year! MIT Stata Center at in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

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Drupal 7 node titles - symbols convert to html entities in Zen sub-theme

Hi there. I have a problem with D7. My node titles are converting some symbols to html entities. IE: '&' is converted to '&' etc. This happens on all content types and regardless of whether I'm using automatic node titles. Here's a few examples:



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Responsive sub-Theme Project | IDA

Employment type: 

I have a project, Waggy Tails Pet Center, that needs a theme with 90% of the look and feel of The Good Dog and 10% of Woodside Hotels.

WTPC: Waggy Tails Pet Center, http://waggytailspetcenter.com/
TGD: The Good Dog, http://thegooddog.net/
WSH: Woodside Hotels, http://www.woodsidehotels.com/

To explicitly clarify this is for a sub-Theme and not a Site Build.

I'm a back-end Drupal developer, so it's possible I've mislabeled a front-end term ... Also, I fully expect your input will change these requirements.

Requirements Summary

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What do Freelance Themers want to see in a Help Wanted post?

Hi Themers,

I recently posted a Theming Job [1] which produced a lot of spam [2], but zero replies showing the person had read the post and/or could follow application instructions. I thought the application instructions were insanely easy (one link, estimate, ask questions), but I guess no one read down that far?

In any event, as I still need the work done, and I apparently need to re-write the job rec., so:

What do Freelance Themers want to see in a Help Wanted post?

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Zen-based framework for html/css design mockups

Hey all. I am new to this group but a long-time Zen user.

This is sort of tangent to the Zen project itself but maybe a useful topic/project for this group. A while back I created a little system for designing html/css mockups in a Zen way. I use this for designs that will eventually become Zen-themed Drupal sites. I'm calling it Zen Boilerplate after the HTML5 Boilerplate framework. Here it is on github: https://github.com/sffitzpatrick/zen-boilerplate/.

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Only local images are allowed.

This site was created with Zen 7.x (latest dev) by implementing a custom responsive sub-theme by designguru.org. It features a single column with a fixed-position header encompassing social icons, the site name and its primary menu.

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Create Wrapper elements to add different background outside of the grid for header,content,footer in Zen5?

Hi Zen people, I have been working with Omega so far and am still learning Zen and can't figure out how to add a simple wrapper element outside of my grid system so I can divide the page background in three sections for example:Page background behind Header is yellow, behind content its red, behind footer its say blue...

Kind of like in the screenshot...

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Buscando Waslala: site made with Zen 7.x-3.x

This site was created with Zen 3.x and Drupal 7.x with a fixed layout and 3 columns.

Only local images are allowed.

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code kitchen

Event type: 
User group meeting

A get-together for all coders to discuss and get collaborative help or 'unsticking' with their projects.
Marcus will be help people with there Drupal sites or helping them to made there first one.

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Allowing configurable colors in custom Zen subthemes out of the box

Zen is my favorite theme (hell, I have even learned 80% of my drupal themeing and HTML/CSS best practices in general while using it). And among the many things that makes Zen such a useful theme for me is - its configurability.

A recent client requirement of mine requires that I create a custom Zen theme which has a sort of 'color scheme' that can be quickly edited to drastically change the appearance of the site (in terms of colors).

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My zen theme shrinks on iOS


Have anyone experienced that a zen theme shrinks on iOS? My site www.tambourhinoceros.net does so and I can't figure out why. It looks as intended (960px wide) on desktops & laptops.

Notice the newsletter button on IOS btw, the only thing that seems to use the full width of the site on iOS.

Any ideas?

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Pinkney Grunwells Lawyers - Drupal 7 Zen Theme

Built for a client in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. Pretty simple and clean.


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Revista Central - Using Zen for Drupal 6


Heavy customization of Zen Theme for a new nationwide magazine in Mexico with superb design by http://www.daniloblackusa.com/ and http://onixmedia.net/

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Need help with the arrangement of header components


I'm at a dead end with my header.

I want to have search, main menu and logo on the same row. (see attachment). The menu and logo are aligned but I can't figure out where the search block is.
To be more specific: I have enabled the search block and put it in my header. But when I do it appears as a block below menu and logo. Can anyone tell me how to move the block so it appears to the left of my main menu?


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Zen for our Branding Agency

We've been using Zen on most of our Drupal projects for the past three years at Insfilo Branding Agency, and when its time to redesign our portfolio website on February 2011, we just can't think of any other theme that is both simple and flexible enough to drupalize the design.
Thank you Zen and the Drupal Community :)

Only local images are allowed.

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Bunny Smalls - another Zen-fuelled site

Adding my Ubercart/Zen site to the list of sites built on Zen. I'd be interested to hear your feedback. I realised late that I should have created a subtheme rather than hacking Zen itself but that's something I've learned for the future.

I love Zen, by the way. It rocks.

Bunny Smalls ethical handmade lingerie

Only local images are allowed.

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display content type name?

I've created a child theme of Zen for a website I'm working on.

What I'm trying to do right now is display the content type name (not machine name!!!) below the title. The $type variable only returns the machine name... is there a way to return the "display" name of a content type?

For example, the machine name for one of my content types is "article", but the display name is "Stuff". How can I go about returning "Stuff" instead of "article"?

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Custom page template, template.php, and $classes

I'm creating a sub-theme based on Zen 6.x-2.1 in Drupal 6.20. I've created a content type called recipe. I add the following code to template.php:

function mytheme_preprocess_page(&$vars) {
  if (isset($vars['node'])) {
    $vars['template_files'][] = 'page-'. str_replace('_', '-', $vars['node']->type); 
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How to add theme overrides in template.php

I recently posted a question over at Drupal Answers - Stack Overflow which I thought might be better addressed here.

I am simply trying to change the "more-link" on a node display. My understanding was that that could be done by
adding an implementation of theme_more_link to template.php. However, that doesn't appear to work. I then noticed the
HOOK_theme implementation with its comment: // @TODO: Needs detailed comments. Patches welcome!

I tried adding a line:

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Creating a front page in zen for Drupal 7

I am having great difficulty finding how to create a zen front page that has a different layout from the rest of the pages.

First I looked here in Core templates and suggestions:

where I found this info:

base template: page.tpl.php

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