DrupalCon Europe 2011 Nomination

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Revised Schedule for DrupalCon city announcement

The Scandinavian team introduced a new element, and we realized that the IRC meetings are actually very valuable.
We would like to have all three teams up for a meeting (the London team is following tonight), to complement our scoring.
The Germans are missing, as of now; when could you do an IRC meeting?

Because of these IRC meetings, we have been pushing our internal meeting date as well, so everyone has a chance, of communicating with us, before we make our recommendation to the DA.

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Drupalcon 2011, where would you prefer to have it? (log in to vote)

33% (83 votes)
28% (71 votes)
39% (99 votes)
Total votes: 253
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DrupalCon 2010 and 2011 Proposals are in

And the proposals are all in.

We have therefore nominations for the following cities in the following years:


The bear against the vikings :-)

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DrupalCon Europe 2010 / 2011 in Berlin [UPDATE]

Cool: Proposal just in time ,-)

The German Drupal Community is proud to nominate Berlin for DrupalCon Europe 2010 or 2011. See attached PDF for details.

During the hectic excitement around the preparation of our proposal, Isabell Schultz's name came up in some discussions. In a moment of over-enthusiasm, it was included in our proposal by mistake.

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London DrupalCon Europe 2011

The Drupal UK community is pleased to nominate London for Drupalcon 2011.

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