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Actions Email

I have this requirement that needed the site moderator (not admin) to manage email templates.

The questions are :

  1. Can I create a custom admin settings form to save the templates to specific Action?
  2. If can, is there any step by step on doing this?

BTW, I'm not that good in creating custom modules, but I have basic knowledge on that.

Thanks a million in advance.

Update : Sorry this is for Drupal 6

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How to send email notifications for comments in Drupal 7 with actions & triggers

Found this article on setting Triggers and Actions that I thought might come in useful to those new to the Blog/article commenting thingy.

I wanted to queue comments (et al) for review before they went live on my site. This was driven by having to clean up 6 sites that had been infected. Many (not all) of the hacks were delivered through the comment module since it was (on those sites) completely unprotected.

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How to trigger an action on quiz complete?

Hi, first off I'm relatively new to Drupal (just a disclaimer).

What is the easiest way to execute an action when a Drupal quiz is complete (primarily interested in passed quizzes). I want to use the flag module to flag a related piece of content as completed (for that user).

I'm stuck seeing where I connect the quiz completion to the flagging.

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Drupal 6: Send customized emails to multiple addresses from fields within multiple field groups

I have a multi-step form that is a job application.

On one step the applicant enters information for professional references, and on another, character references. They may add multiple references (field groups) on each page. The field groups for both types of reference include an email field, and a hidden "email sent" field.

At the end of the form, when the applicant submits the form, I wish to send customized emails to each of the references, and populate the "email sent" field with "yes".

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VIDEO: Recevoir automatiquement un email quand il y a un nouveau commentaire sur notre site

Comment être averti qu'un nouveau commentaire a été posté sur votre site ? Question subsidiaire : comment augmenter votre réactivité en répondant rapidement à ce commentaire ?

Ce video tutoriel tente d'y répondre.

A bientôt


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Video Tutoriel Drupal Actions

Bonjour à tous!

Dans ce vidéo tutoriel nous verrons comment recevoir automatiquement un e-mail lorsqu'un nouveau commentaire a été posté sur notre site.

Pour cela nous utiliserons les modules Trigger y Actions.

A bientôt

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Need help with conditional actions, Ubercart

Reposting this since I have not heard from anyone after the original posting.

I have a working ubercart site with one gotcha. I can sell a download to a customer, but the site never notifies the customer of the download link!! I am convinced this is related to not having the correct conditional actions set up but I'm mystified about exactly what to implement.

Would greatly appreciate some assistance with this. If it's complicated, I'd be willing to pay some consulting time; I just need to get this working right.

cheers, jim at turnipvideo dot com

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Problems with smsBulk and Actions to send SMS to list of contacts

Hi all,

Please help!

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Workflows with Drupal7

I just wanted to share some thoughts about possible implementations for workflow on d7.

Worklow states = a field
Basically I think workflow should work field-based, e.g. providing a workflow field, which can be attached to any entity. Thus the state transition settings would belong into the field settings, whereis the triggering part can be separated out and handled either by rules or trigger module.

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Maestro: Advanced Workflow Module Proposal

Maestro is a workflow module for Drupal which is in development by Nextide. We have created a design spec for this application, which we would like to share with the Drupal community for feedback. Maestro will be based on an existing workflow application Nextide has developed on another OS platform. Rather than a simply porting over the application, we would like to take the right steps to ensure it is properly integrated into Drupal.

For a quick 2 minute introduction of what Maestro is, check out our video

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