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makefile discrepancy

The warning on the "Available Updates" page says, "Do not manually update projects within distributions! This includes any project defined in a .make file." In the past, I mistakenly updated some modules on a Panopoly distribution separately from the distribution itself. Now I am doing Panopoly updates correctly, and all my modules are up to date -- both the Panopoly modules and Contrib modules that are part of the distribution. However, now I seem to have a permanent discrepancy between the actual modules installed and the contents of the Panopoly makefile.

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Panopoly at DrupalCamp Vienna

DrupalCamp Vienna is one of the best Camps I have ever attended: Vienna is a great city, and so is the DC team there. And I am very happy to announce that my session about Panopoly has been accepted. I would love the meet other Panopoly users, and to help to grow the numer of Panopoly users in Europe.

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Panopoly security review

I just performed a Panopoly upgrade on a dev site I'm working on and it went well. However the Security Review is showing 6 errors out of a possible 10 items and I haven't altered the basic Panopoly at all, I just added some modules and content. I'm wondering if these errors are normal for Panopoly and whether there are any guidelines for fixing them if they are typical for Panopoly.

I have fixed a few issues such as adding a base URL to the settings.php and "Errors are written to screen." But I'm not sure how to fix

"PHP files in the Drupal files directory can be executed."

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Feature Strategy for Panopoly Child Distribution

Discussion around using Panopoly features as dependencies within a child distribution, where per-site feature development and customisation is required.

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Are there any plans to include the Paragraphs Modul to Panopoly

Are there any plans to move the Paragraphs integration from OA 2.3 to Panopoly ? (or is someone already working on that ? )

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Placeholders in vanilla panopoly

I've been searching for a way to pass placeholder url arguments (e.g. %argument, !argument, etc.) to views in unmodified Panopoly. I can't seem to when adding content using Panopoly's Content function (admin/content). On the other hand, I am able to pass arguments using configuration options found under the Page Manager interface (admin/structure/pages). Panopoly doesn't enable the standard Page Manager interface by default.

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What would be the ideal News/Magazine architecture


We are working on a few publishing projects by now and there seems no final good option out there to quickly get the site up and running. We are investigating what's best solution to build robust premium Magazine/News themes (by this I actually mean a complete Drupal website profile).


We want to develop at least 5 different Drupal News and Magazine themes and offer them as basic off-the-shelf package and add customizations on top per bespoke business requirements.


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2 Month Contract Dev Position Washington DC | Safe Kids Worldwide

Employment type: 
Not allowed

We are looking for a local experienced freelance Drupal developer/themer to work on a two-month on-location project in Washington, DC with an experienced team building an Extranet. Experience with Open Atrium 2 (please note the 2), Bootstrap and Panopoly desired.

Projected project start - February 1. Fast project with strong leadership - your skills and our big brains - we'll do great things.

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Building Plugins for Panopoly and OpenAtrium? A Pipedream?

I'm a big fan of Panopoly and, in the past, I've been a big fan, user and builder with OA1. Just watched this lovely developer demo video here on OA2: and installed alpha2 version. Really love it and so excited to be working on OpenAtrium again in Drupal 7.

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Creating "editor" user during installation

Panopoly provides, by default, an 'editor' role which I find myself using a lot. But using it means I have to guide the site administrator to create a user with the role editor. I thought it could better be handled by providing a form to create that user, next to the form that creates user 1.

And since user 1 usually sees a lot more than the site builder will ever need, I thought I could just finish the installation and log the user as editor.

How do I do that? Also, is it a good idea?

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