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Visiting Chiang Mai in October 2013

Hi Guys.

I'm visiting Chiang Mai in October, and will stay there for the whole month.

I would like to get in contact with other Drupal programmers and developers while I'm there. Both for business and pleasure.

I'm running my own company, , and are looking for possibilities outsourcing or co-working with other companies in Thailand. It could be nice with a co-working place (a desk) while I'm there

Let me know if anybody wants to meet up for beer, business or whatever.

phom phuut pasaa thai nit noy :-)


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Desk Space Available in Brooklyn (DUMBO) shared/co-working office.

Desk Space in DUMBO co-working office with a great view!
We are a small Interactive Agency with desk space available within our office.

• 3 desk spaces available for $1050 per month
• 2 desk spaces available for $725 per month
• 1 desk space available for $375 per month

About us:

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Visiting Chiang Mai, need co-working space

Hi guys

I'm coming to Thailand for another month, for about 1 week BK and 3 weeks Chiang Mai. While in CM I'm looking for a place to do my work. I work remotely for the Australian government, working on a D7 site.

Normally I work in Regus business lounges, but they don't have one in CM. I can work in the hotel room, but I find that I get a lot more done in a work environment. I'm happy to pay a few baht to rent a desk space somewhere.

I was in Chiang Mai for 2 weeks last year and went to one of the meetups, so some of you may remember me (Aussie guy).


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Looking for office or co-working space in Brissie


I'll be in Brisbane from December 23 to February 4, after which I'll be off to DrupalCon and then back O.S.

While in Brissie, apart from the usual Xmas/NYE social obligations, I'll being Drupaling like a crazy man (as per usual). I will probably work in cafe's a lot as I usually do, but I'm interested in finding an office or co-working space where I can work also. I don't need much, just a chair, desk, aircon is basically it. Coffee machine is also nice.


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Created 2 nodes from one form submission. This seems to be happening a lot on GDO lately. Bring on the D7 version!

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Cambio a Barcelona - ayuda con autónomo, etc

Hola mi gente!

Estoy escribiendo porque al final de la DrupalCon me voy a cambiar Londres por Barcelona por razones personales.

Voy a seguir trabajando con Drupal pero en régimen autónomo, con clientes internacionales.

Me gustaría saber si hay alguna web que pueda mirar para saber que hacer y como hacer para regularizarme como autónomo. Siendo Portugués, no tendré problemas con vistos y empadronamiento.

Aparte del estatuto hay algo más que tenga que saber? Seré pago en libras - hay alguna formula bancaria ventajosa?

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Coworker | Shared office space for Drupal (or other) freelancers | Berkeley, CA

Employment type: 

Our consulting cooperative (Drupal freelancers, and more!) is about to lease a well-lit 1,000 square-foot office space above a fantastic coffee shop near the corner of Addison St and San Pablo Ave in Berkeley. The space is bigger than we're likely to need for the first 6–12 months, so we're looking for excellent officemates to help us bring down the cost in a quasi-co-working model.

Mid-construction photos

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Design of our co-op

Our starting point is an existing 40-member co-op of IT professionals :

It is almost exactly what we need, and because their design is licenced as Creative Commons Attribution, we can use it, change it ... as long as we give them credit for it, e.g. include their name. Moreover, they will help us ; at the very least, we will be part of their international network of cooperatives, which is good for visibility and so-on.

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Coworking / Hacker Space Thoughts and Ideas

Hi Everyone,

Would very much like to gather thoughts and ideas for the hacker space that we've been noodling around with.

My main goal with this would be to create a space where people could come and be with other drupaleros, work together or alone, in comfort. A lot of ideas have been floated, and I'd like to have people put them here in the comments, including kick-ass name ideas.

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