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Explanation of site performance increase using the throttle module

I support a D5 site that has been averaging around 18 secs load time for the front page (it has lots of external httpd calls, javascript, css files, etc). The architecture consists of a redundant front-end load balancer along with a pair of Squid caching servers, a RHEL5 GFS 4-node cluster, Memcached cluster (1GB per server, 4 servers total). D5 site is running the Memcache API as well.

LoadRunner Setup: 20 Minute Run-Time, 100 Virtual Users (Starts at 2, increases by 2 each 10 seconds)

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Tutorials: Drupal caching, speed and performance

To make it easier to find information on these matters, I've started the new handbook page Drupal caching, speed and performance in the Tutorials section of It's just a guide to information and tutorials on optimizing Drupal's performance, speed, and scalability, with an initial listing of fourteen resources. If anything is missing, you may edit it to add other useful Drupal performance resources.

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Benchmarking Drupal core for 5.x, 6.x, and 7.x: We are getting slower

We conducted some benchmarks for Drupal 5.12, Drupal 6.6 and Drupal 7.x (Oct 24 checkout).

We used the same data set for all 3 instances:

Users 4,950
Nodes 5,000
Comments 20,000
Vocabularies 10
Terms 1,000

And same test parameters: 10 concurrent users, 2 minutes stress test on 30 individual nodes, and the home page.

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Staying online during a perfect storm of traffic

As seen on Planet Drupal, the recent article Improving Drupal's Performance with the Boost Module for the UN's Millennium Campaign (October 23rd, 2008) describes how a Drupal site successfully managed a very high traffic situation. They achieved this with "one enormously helpful Drupal module, called Boost", and "some fine tuning".

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How can I get a better Free Tagging Performance?


I am developing a bigger site (D5) with a free tagging vocabulary. Currently the vocabulary has 16.000 entrys. i have searched with google and on, but I have not found some performance improvement like cache or pacthes.

What are you doing?

I think I am not the first one with bigger vocabulary. Some links or code snippets would be great.


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Lead Developer | Trellon, LLC

Employment type: 
Full time

Trellon is an Internet strategy and development firm. We are seeking qualified developers to join our elite Drupal development team. Please direct all inquiries to Please include a cover letter, resume, and statement of salary requirements.

What This Job is About

Lead Developers are important actors in our delivery process. Here's what we expect them to do.

1) Understand the goals and strategy behind each project from conception through completion. Our thoughtful, dedicated approach to working with clients is what sets us apart. Lead developers help make sure each project meets or exceeds the goals we set out to achieve.

2) Write clean, well-engineered code that conforms with accepted standards within the Drupal community, and test web applications. Years of experience have taught us these two goals are directly related to one another. Lead developers set an example through strong quality assurance practices in their day to day work.

3) Communicate effectively with project managers, technical leads, internet strategists, and other internal team members, as well as outside stakeholders. We want to maintain a positive, productive environment at Trellon, and Lead Developers are active in sharing knowledge across the organization and with our clients.

4) Identify opportunities for process improvement and make constructive suggestions for change. There is always a better way to do things, and we don't pretend to be perfect in everything we do. Lead developers are often the ones who see a potential problem and come up with the solution for how to fix it.

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Highest number of nodes in a Drupal site you've worked on?

less than 100
5% (3 votes)
100 to 1,000
11% (6 votes)
1,001 to 10,000
20% (11 votes)
10,001 to 100,000
23% (13 votes)
100,001 to 500,000
4% (2 votes)
500,001 to 1,000,000
13% (7 votes)
more than 1,000,000
25% (14 votes)
Total votes: 56
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Memcache API or Cache Router?

Memcache API
49% (26 votes)
Cache Router
51% (27 votes)
Total votes: 53
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Drupal and connection pooling

Does Drupal support connection pooling,
transaction control,
connect and disconnect connections??

Any thoughts on:

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Tracking Performance/Page Execution Times

I'm looking for some tools to analyze page performance times. I'm betting some Drupal tools/modules already exist, but my searches are turning up empty. Anyway, I figured I'd post here before reinventing the wheel.

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