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Hello everyone,

In my pastime, sometimes I jump into inkscape, and this time I decided to do something for the Dojo.

Since it has helped me so much in the past and the group is working hard to get it back in full force, (mind you, joshk already did an awesome lesson in November), I decided to do something hoping to inspire this process, and well, hopefully be of some use also in promoting the group.

If you are using another resolution, do drop a comment, and I will provide it, no problem =)

If anyone has suggestions, (I didn't include the url, because I like my wallpapers clean, for example), go ahead and fire away, we could make a different version, no problem =)

Hope you like it!

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Promoting Drupal Dojo

Promoting Drupal Dojo

It was suggested during chx's 2006-09-30 Dojo lesson that we might need to promote Drupal Dojo more, perhaps by posting something to and Digging/SlashDotting it. I have only participated in a few live Dojo events myself, but have viewed some of the screencasts offline. This page is here to get some assistance writing up a draft for an article to post on I am providing a suggested document structure. Feel free to contribute or edit.

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