Continuous Integration

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Flujo para integración continua de traducciones (?)

Bien... para poner en contexto.
Tengo un sitio basado en Drupal 7 en desarrollo, al cual estoy tratando de aplicarle todas las best-practices posibles para desarrollarlo.

Tengo un repositorio git conectado a un servicio de CI que dispara un script de integración en el servidor de producción por cada push a master. En este script hago cosas como:

  • el git pull al directorio con el código fresco.
  • borrar caches
  • comandos drush para reversiones de features y updates de BD de los módulos.
  • comandos drush para descargar traducciones frescas de l10n_update.
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Jenkins plugin

Here is a Jenkins plugin to automate code reviews and tests on Drupal:

Code review is based on Coder Review ; tests are based on core Simpletest.

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Senior Drupal / PHP Web Developer – London Based Investment Bank | Caspian One

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Job Type – Permanent

Salary Range - £50,000 - £65,000 + Bonus + Pension + Healthcare

Caspian One has been given a fantastic opportunity to work with a global leader in capital markets, forex and CFD trading facilities that are looking to hire a senior Drupal web developer.

The developer’s responsibilities will include working on a number of high profile web development projects, on both mobile and desktop devices. The key technologies used within the business are CMS Configuration, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

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artículo sobre Integración Contínua con Drupal

En la edición especial dedicada a Drupal de LinuxJournal, uno de los temas desarrollados es la Integración Contínua con Drupal.

Interesantes aspectos como la construcción in-house de los ambientes de desarrollo, pruebas y producción. Consejos válidos como la automatización de deployments. Mencionan a Jenkins (antes conocido como Hudson)

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Jenkins and Phing templates for continuous integration

We've been working on implementing continuous integration for our projects to improve code quality. In the process we've built two templates which should make it easy to setup CI for new projects and want to share these with the community. Hopefully you'll find it useful!

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Drupal Continuous Integration with Jenkins - Deploy

Please check out our new SlideShow for deploying your git repository based Drupal sites. We provide Jenkins and BASH scripts that can be easily adapted to your environment. Hopefully it will be useful for the group! Its available here


John W Smith
IT / IS Contractor
Classic Graphics, Inc

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Drupal Continuous Integration with Jenkins.

Please check out our new SlideShow of setting up and configuring a Jenkins Continuous Integration server for use within a Drupal development environment. We walk you through the steps of installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Jenkins, Drush and several other PHP coding tools and Drupal Modules to help check your code against current Drupal standards. Then we walk you through creating a git post-receive script, and Jenkins job to pull it all together. Its available here

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Calidad e Integración Continua

Buenas a todos.

A raiz de otro hilo sobre uso de herramientas de edición, surgió la propuesta de abrir un nuevo hilo sobre staging. Me pareción interesante, pero he decidido finalmente abrir uno sobre calidad e integración continua con un objetivo doble: orientar a las compañías o equipos de desarrollo que quieran implementar técnicas de calidad y reunir consejos de otros que hayan seguido caminos distintos, otras herramientas y otras metodologías.

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Continuous Integration - Drupal way. Part 2 - Build.

Why should you read this article?

  • Developer, Team Leader, Admin:
    • You will find out how to use build script that will save your time, spend on configuration of your project on dev, test, stage and production servers, on local computers of managers and testers. 
    • Build script will allow you to make CI system and get all profits it gaves you.
  • Manager:
    • You have a lot of project in same time, and want to install in on local comp easily.
    • You will get standart way to install projects on some machine in one click. To install new project you have to run $ant in console. Do this on local machine.
    • You can demo machine with Husdon and build script. It will allow you allways have actual version of project to test and to show to client.
  • Tester, QA manager:
    • You have a lot of project in same time, and want to install in on local comp easily.
    • You will get standart way to install projects on some machine in one click. To install new project you have to run $ant in console. Do this on local machine.
    • You can make CI, add there tests and have regression testing easily.

Project page


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Integrated vs. Fragmented

Topics about the usability of Drupal remind me on the most recent Steve Jobs' speech against Android and Open Source community over iOS and integrated solutions:

I don't know how many of you guys will read this and find it interesting, but I think this is a pretty good question on usability. Steve Jobs labelled here the Open Source solutions as "Fragmented" (which is fairly true), and claims it will clearly lose battle against "Integrated" solutions (which is an argument I hear quite frequently lately in many different forms).

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