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Schema sample please


First please excuse me if the answer was easily reachable but I've looked at the group first 5 preview pages and did a search on schema which yielded the same preview as default so I assumed it this was the default behavior when keywords failed to bring results.

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Transformations idea frenzy!

Overview: Transformations is an API for creating and executing data transformation pipelines, enabling higher-level modules to build stuff like Yahoo! Pipes or targeted import/export interfaces on top of it. The purpose of this project is to improve and build upon Transformations so that it not only provides a base framework but also satisfies a larger number of end-user needs, for example an AJAXified user interface.


Transformations was born out of the desire for a solution that can map any kind of structured data to any kind of other data, such as importing CSV or more complex XML files into Drupal nodes (with field mappings, obviously), exporting the data to the same files, or, if you will, providing an online converter that converts any RSS feed into Atom for example.

When performing such a large-scale transformation, some elements of the source data will likely need to be transformed on a smaller-scale level, e.g. you might need to convert a Unix timestamp into ISO date format at some point, or remove commas from a number string ("1,099.90") to conform to the target format, or perform string replacements on a given string field. At times, you might even need a combination of those transformations, or reference some other entity to construct the desired output data.

In order to do that kind of stuff, a simple mapping screen is not flexible enough, or would require lots of custom code to handle the more specific tasks. Transformations tries to solve that problem by splitting individual data transformation tasks into individual "operations" that can be chained into a larger transformation pipeline.

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create modular, extensible, API-based import and export framework for drupal

As I have worked with different content management and middleware solutions, one problem I have encountered numerous times, and that I think needs a better solution in drupal, is import and export of data and provision of web services. I think it would be good for drupal to create an import/export framework that would allow drupal developers to make re-usable, sharable import and export modules by implementing PHP objects to a few commmon interfaces and then adding their new import/export type into a central, common import/export module.

This is especially relevant for modern corporate newspapers that need to integrate content from different legacy systems, produce that content, then send it off to a number of different web publishing systems, and then also face the prospect of their systems changing if they are bought or sold. The framework as outlined in the design below could also be a means of implementing REST services (SOAP or XML-RPC would probably require another layer on top of this, though you probably could do it in this framework).

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