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No puedo acceder a configurar los bloques

Hola, no entiendo por qué, de repente ya no puedo acceder a la administración de los bloques en mi sitio drupal, me sale el siguiente mensaje:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'a9079682_rib.ddblock_block' doesn't exist: SELECT * FROM {ddblock_block}; Array ( ) en ddblock_get_blocks() (línea 245 de /home/a9079682/public_html/sites/all/modules/ddblock/ddblock.module).

El sitio web encontró un error inesperado. Vuelva a intentarlo más tarde.
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Open Publish 6.x Navigation Structure

Hello Everybody,

I am currently working on my first OP Site.
Have a question / input regarding the whole Navigation System/Structure of OP...

I identified three issues, meybe there are easy solutions available, i couldn't find them in the group nor in the issue queue or OP Documentation:

1) Keeping the Topic-Menu active when displaying a Node/Article
The Topic-Vocabulary builds the Topic-Navigation.

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Schema sample please


First please excuse me if the answer was easily reachable but I've looked at the group first 5 preview pages and did a search on schema which yielded the same preview as default so I assumed it this was the default behavior when keywords failed to bring results.

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SVN Structure


I am setting up a new Drupal site. As far as SVN goes I am looking at the best practices. how existing SVN structures have been modeled. I am thinking of just having the sites folder in the SVN but am open to suggestions. Also how did you create the branches - Split between two thoughts - One to have each release as a branch and the other create a separate branch for module / theme / scripts / files.

I am looking at various options and looking forward for some advice.


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panels? books? Looks good and helps the site editor/admin not mess up the website

Always on a quest for the best way to make a good Drupal site structured.. I am one to impose limitations on the user (site editor) in order to preserve good site structure, but I have come across something that has thus far eluded me.

I am using a separate Panel per site subsection with several Panel Variants therein all based on path in order to produce a consistent site subsection navigation experience: common left menu, 2- or 3-columns within based on current page, and similar side components per page.

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Drupal Developer | Freelancer

Employment type: 
Part time

hi guys,

i am a freelancer in any kind of digital media design.
after a few years of developing with joomla, i decided to make more further projects with drupal.

for that i need coaching and support to finishing quality drupal driven webprojects.

you are welcome to get in touch if you:

- a themer - would be great, because i make most of my mockups in that grid system.
- a coder with know-how in cck, views, panels and knowledge about usefull moduls for individual needs.
- a proactive geek with php, js, ajax and all the stuff who brings life to a website.

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Import Filesystem in menu

Hello all.

I am building a university students' community-site, and as concerning the subjects' part I have the following situation:
I already have a folder hierarchy under sites/default/files such as:

root: 6 Departure folders
depth-1: 10 semester folders ---- (same for every departure folder)
depth-2: 1 - 6 subject folders ---- (different for every semester folder)
depth-3: 5 material folders(categories) ---- (same for every subject folder)

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Categories and front page

I've done some thinking, and I want to suggest a somewhat different categorization to this group site. I'd also like to suggest some changes to front page.

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Relationships-categorization system wanted features

"Relationship" I understood as relationships between fields (nodes are many relationships, which are subject of more advanced process).

Wanted features:

  1. Powerful and without limitation thanks to the most abstract (see: "everything is a field", compare this to: Global CCK fields, A controversial(?) point: store translations as nodes).
  2. Build-in categorization features.
  3. Build-in views features (listing fields, not necessary nodes).
  4. Build-in menu features.
  5. Support for Semantic Web/Microformats/similar.

Observations about current situation:

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Everything is a field

The most abstract concept in my opinion: "everything is a field" (fully atomic value) instead of "everything is a node". CCK is ardent proof that this idea could work. If that's the case, we can share the same field (as regards value), node is just a set of fields tie together by new relationships system, whereas content type is a predefined set of relationships between fields.

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