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Schema sample please


First please excuse me if the answer was easily reachable but I've looked at the group first 5 preview pages and did a search on schema which yielded the same preview as default so I assumed it this was the default behavior when keywords failed to bring results.

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storing a db table in memory

I have this custom module that creates a db in drupal, the data doesn't change very often and I do some db_query calls to it for some of the things being done on the site.

I know their is some db caching happening but is this table worth saving to memory or disk, what would you guys do in this situation to lighting the load since this table would be called quite often to get some data from?

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Web Designer / Developer | IBT Group

Employment type: 
Full time
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IBT Group is an international consortium of companies located in Brickell, Downtown Miami, Florida. There is currently a job opening at our local executive office for a dedicated, creative, and knowledgeable web designer / developer to help us maintain and develop our web presence. We currently run various Drupal and Magento websites, and need someone to help maintain every aspect of our web presence, including current and new web design, development, and image manipulation.

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ODBTP Anyone one?

So, I was checking out ODBTP < http://odbtp.sourceforge.net/ > and considering making a drupal driver for it. This would allow many database to now be supported through ODBC. I also hear that ODBTP is just as fast as a native driver and the speed of ODBC really depends on the implementation of the vendor of ODBC. Just seeing if anyone had any experience with it and/or thoughts?

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External Product database?

I have a funny feeling I am missing something important here, so perhaps I just need sufficient "clue" to get further along.

I want to be able to display our products on our Drupal site, but using the existing postgresql product data from SQL-Ledger (ie, not have to import repeatedly or run two copies of our product data).

I currently run SQL-Ledger with more than 134,000 product lines, only a few thousand of which are typically active, but any and all could be ordered in for customers on demand. We run a retail store so we have inventory control, POS, shipping etc already via SQL-Ledger.

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